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Jean-Claude Carrière Don't forget to write
Playwrights corner | Jean-Claude Carrière

« One tries to help in whatever way possible - by promoting texts, having them read, produced and staged. But you always go back to the source and talk to the playwrights themselves. A dreamer, or some young woman who’s still hesitating, remarks on all the sketchy writing everywhere - the reality shows, faltering sitcoms, ? TV (télé-crochet), ? theatre (théâtre capté), and staged readings. So you tell them to stay away from that minefield and follow their own path. You tell them to write, but write well. Make your phrases firm, rich, and as personal as possible. Don’t be led astray by the sirens of mediocrity - louder than ever these days. We will try to help you, of course, but it really depends on you.  Be stubborn about it. Talent is part obstinacy. And don’t forget to write. It may be what you are here for. In which case, you will know it soon enough. »

  Jean-Claude Carrière  
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