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Authors' Notes

Carine Lacroix
© DR
Burn Baby Burn
Playwrights corner | Carine Lacroix

Published by L’Avant-Scène, Collection Les Quatre-Vents.

« An abandoned service station in the middle of nowhere.
Under the blazing sun.
Hirip, who seems to be living there, is just waiting around for some company. Violette arrives on her broken-down moped.
They are 20 and their blood is boiling.
One is in a rage, the other is on fire.
As for Issa, he arrives at a bad time.

It’s about telling stories to question identity – your own and other people’s – and maybe to gain a better understanding.
But they are simple stories which are full of laughter and dreams.
Sometimes the world today is beyond belief – especially for people who aren’t strong enough to fight or are alone in their struggle.
Or the people who fill the pages of the newspapers and rehabilitation centres.
It’s also about the lack of love – and how hard it is to go on when you don’t have any. A lack that generates violence, rejection, misunderstandings and shouting.
It’s about desperately trying to find your place in the world.
Sometimes it’s full of hope and beauty, at other times harsh and unrelenting.
I try to be on the side of hope.

  Carine Lacroix  

Programme composed by the Theatre and Radio Commissions of the SACD and France Culture Radio. Recorded by France Culture. To be broadcast on Tuesday 10th and 17th July 9-10 p.m.

In partnership with the Théâtre de Nîmes.

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