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Playwrights Corner


Playwrights corner

Jean Larriaga Primeurs Festival | Jean Larriaga | In Actes du Théâtre 45 (December 2010)

« In its 4th year, Primeurs has once again asserted its role spearheading theater exchanges between France and Germany. Saarbrücken, a conveniently bilingual town, hosted a new crop of French-speaking playwrights who are poles apart yet are all writing about today's issues.

The breakthrough is a result of constant exchanges between the Festival's partners. Throughout the year Radio Sarroise (SR 2 Kultur Radio), the theater and dance department in Berlin, Le Carreau (Forbach) and the SACD's International Promotion Division selected and exchanged plays to be presented to audiences at the town's Staatstheater.

Theater-goers eagerly asked the playwrights their questions at the end of four captivating evenings of inventive and elaborate staged readings. It felt like a barrier had been removed with the intuitive simultaneous translation.
It highlighted the translators' crucial work and intimate connection with the original plays, delighting and winning the trust of the French playwrights, pleasantly surprised by the high standards exhibited by their friends, both translators and performers.

Quebec playwright Jennifer Tremblay was awarded the top prize by the French and German jury members for La Liste.
The play, recorded and broadcast live, was staged by Marguerite Gateau.

Attending the
Primeurs 2010 event were Christophe Pellet, Philippe Gauthier, Joseph Danan, Joel Pommerat, Lina Saneh, Rabih Mroué et Frédéric Sonntag.

For all of them,
Primeurs is a unique chance to have their work seen in Germany. »

Jean Larriaga,
Director of Radio
December 2010
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