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Anne Sibran - copyright Irmeli Jung
© Irbeli young
Je suis la bête
Playwrights corner | Anne Sibran

Editions Gallimard.

« In Je suis la bête, I wanted to reverse the perspective, to tell a story where for once compassion was on the animal’s side. Instead of man, this time it’s the beast that hears the child, a creature of clay shaped first by one then the other.

It is an intensely fictional situation in that it involves describing with great precision something that has never been told – a monologue by a wild child who lives, hunts and fights in the forest. What kind of writing fits that kind of story? What does savagery sound like – that singular way of speaking about an experience so striking that you could never doubt it?

That was one of the most thrilling challenges about this book – finding the scansion from deep in your throat, and from deep in the woods, that slowly rises up to your lips. Inventing a language to voice the fantastic, a reality beyond borders, beyond everything.

  Anne Sibran  

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