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march 2007


Chocolat Piment | Christine Reverho
Summary : Their father, a solitary and grouchy widower, is having a birthday. Stéphanie, Caroline and her husband organise a dinner. Each of them gives him a gift, but Stéphanie's turns out to be embarrassing.
« The play is a success, with a dynamic, sharp, realistic and deliberately contemporary tone. »
Philippe Tesson, Le Figaro, 3 january 2007
Characters : 3 women 2 men
Éditions l’Avant-Scène, Collection Les Quatre-Vents
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Un vrai bonheur 2 | Didier Caron
Summary : They have chosen their old primary school as the setting to celebrate the New Year. Everything goes well until midnight; but things start to turn sour when they start pronouncing their New Year’s wishes.
« Un vrai bonheur is a smash hit, a true evening of emotion and laughter. »
Delphine de Malherbe, JDD, 11 february 2007
Characters : 4 women 4 men
Éditions Art et Comédie
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Le marin d'eau douce | Joël Jouanneau
Summary : A child from Pré-en-pail with no first name is terribly bored. One fine day he decides to make himself scarce. He encounters many obstacles along the way and is soon swept away by the waves...
« Whether ‘for children’ or for ‘adults’, all ten of his plays so far revolve around the central theme of childhood and origins. »
Excerpt from the TNT press kit
Characters : 2 women 3 men
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers, Heyoka Jeunesse
Le Petit Chaperon rouge | Joël Pommerat
Summary : « I think it is very important to tell children tales which connect them to the present as well as to their roots. And this tale, which tells us about our farming ancestors, connects us to the earth. »
« Right from the start you understand what made the playwright turn to the folk tale genre. »
Maïa Bouteillet, Libération, 12-13 june 2004
Characters : 3 women 1 man
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers, Heyoka Jeunesse


Toc Toc | Laurent Baffie
opened in Istanbul, in Turkish, february 2007
Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte
premiere in Italian at Sala Uno, 19/02/07
opened in Tokyo, in Japan 03/04/07
(with Le Discours du père by Guy Foissy)
Un homme en faillite and Mariage | David Lescot
published in Spanish language by Teatro del Astillero, 2006
Le Jeune Prince et la Vérité | Jean-Claude Carrière
translated in Russian, 2007
Le Circuit ordinaire
| Jean-Claude Carrière
published in Russian in Le Théâtre n°2, 2007
Jusqu'à ce que la mort nous sépare
| Rémi De Vos
published in Russian in Les Saisons Baltes n°14, 2006
Un nouveau départ et Le Caïman | Antoine Rault
translated in Russian, 2006
Represented in German-speaking countries :
Le Cabaret de hommes perdus | Christian Siméon and
Patrick Laviosa
by the Pegler agency 12/01/07
L'Amérique et Le grand retour de Boris S. | Serge Kribus
by the Pegler agency 09/06
Terre Sainte
| Mohamed Kacimi
by the Desch agency 22/11/06
Face à Face | Parole di Francia per Scene d’Italia
A series of readings which are part of the TERI programme (Translate, Publish and Present in Italy) initiated by the French Embassy in Rome in 2005, supported by the SACD from its inception.
France en scène | Theater und Nouveau Cirque
Programme : 14 companies, 35 performances, readings, discussions and screenings from 10 March-1st April in 8 Berlin institutions.
Scène 9 | Publication d'œuvres françaises en langue allemande
In this issue : Copi, Didier-Georges Gabily, Lancelot Hamelin, Mohamed Kacimi, Sylvain Levey, Philippe Malone, Michel Simonot.


Jean-Claude Carrière
Don't Forget to Write
« One tries to help in whatever way possible - by promoting texts, having them read, produced and staged. But you always go back to the source and talk to the playwrights themselves. A dreamer, or some young woman who's still hesitating, remarks on all the sketchy writing everywhere [...] »
Jean-Yves Picq
... to be open-minded towards the world ...
« One is usually delighted to return to one's home country after having been away for a time. There is a joy in being back among one's own cultural references. That feeling of joy is even greater if your country's culture is meant to be open-minded towards the world [...] »
Pierre Notte
Anche io je suis Catherine Deneuve
« Behind the grey brick wall of the Teatro Sala Uno are (they say) the actual stairs where Pontius Pilate uttered the words «ecce homo ». Today, in late February 2007, they are presenting Catherine Deneuve, aka Anche Io..., my play staged by Reza Keradman [...] »


  Video excerpts are available for the following plays
Click on the link in the text about the specific play on the website in Playwright Database
  Les Amazones by Jean-Marie Chevret
Amour et chipolatas by Jean-Luc Lemoine
Des papillons dans l'abat-jour by Louise Bourriffé
Les Hommes by Stéphanie Bataille
Les Histrions by Marion Aubert
by Michel Vinaver
Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve
by Pierre Notte
J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites
by Carole Greep
Quelle Famille
by Francis Joffo
Rue de Babylone by Jean-Marie Besset
Le Soir de la générale by Claire Béchet
Les Voisins
by Michel Vinaver


De la révolution | Joseph Danan
Summary : The 1970s. Cat and Robert, involved in a revolutionary faction, kidnap Célia, the daughter of a wealthy family from whom they demand ransom... Early in the 21st century (2000s). Catherine is living with Jimmy and their child. Célia reappears, bringing back the terrorist past and other insolvable questions (can one reinvent oneself?)..
Characters : 3 women 2 men 1 child
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers | Opened January 2007
Le Dieu du Carnage | Yasmina Reza
Summary : We wanted to be nice and bought some tulips, and my wife dressed me up as a leftist; but the truth is that I have no self-control and I'm totally maladjusted.
Characters : 2 women 2 men
Éditions Albin Michel | Opened January 2008


Grand Prix de la littérature dramatique 2007
2 april 2007 Prize winner :
  Joël Pommerat by Les Marchands
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers
Festival Juste pour rire Nantes - Atlantique
30 march - 6 april 2007
See Actes du Théâtre n°22, special issue devoted to humour

Les Molières
14 may 2007 | The Molières Ceremony
Pascal Rambert has been named director of the Centre dramatique national (CDN) - Théâtre de Gennevilliers starting 1st January 2007. He takes over from Bernard Sobel.
Frédéric Bélier-Garcia ehas been named director of the Nouveau théâtre d’Angers, CDN des Pays de la Loire starting 1st January 2007. He takes over from Claude Yersin.
Jean Lambert-wild has been named director of the CDN de Caen starting 1st January 2007, replacing director Eric Lacascade.
Olivier Py succeeds Georges Lavaudant as director of the Théâtre national de l’Odéon, starting in late February 2007.
Jean-Michel Ribes tenure as director of the Théâtre du Rond-Point has been renewed until 1st January 2012.


Le Petit Chaperon Uf | Jean-Claude Grumberg
Le Petit chaperon Rouge by Joël Pommerat, see this dark, freely adapted version of the fairy tale by Jean-Claude Grumberg
Characters : 3 men 1 child
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers, Heyoka Jeunesse
Forthcoming | an interview with playwrights Jean-Claude Grumberg and Joël Jounneau about their theatre for young audiences event.
Entr'Actes | 11 bis, rue ballu 75442 PARIS CEDEX 09
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