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October 2007


Le Cabaret des hommes perdus | Christian Siméon | A face to face talk with Christian Siméon
« ... Everything moves forward in blazing flashes. My writing style benefited from my training as a sculptor, from what sculpture is to me — I mean working on something as a whole. In a class (I teach sculpture) beginning students often ask me where to start. I answer that they have to start everywhere. No particular line is more important than another. It’s the same in theatre. [...] »
Je tremble (1) | Joël Pommerat | Theatre that is both anthropological and poetic
« ... This has been Pommerat’s approach as a playwright from the beginning – writing so that bodies and voices could appropriate the words and make them resonate in a way that confronts the spectator with their truth, sometimes their violence, and always their power. [...] » Philippe Hénain
Du vent… des fantômes | Eve Bonfanti, Yves Hunstad | To play or not to play, that is the question…
THE JOURNALIST : Hold on, what you say is very interesting, but when you say “nothing”, do you really mean “nothing”? You mean with no rehearsal, is that it?
THE ACTRESS : We have a basic premis, of course, but apart from that, yes, I mean absolutely nothing!
THE JOURNALIST : It must be fascinating to launch yourself like that into the emptiness of the complete unknown. But, all the same, it would be legitimate to question why you don’t rather tackle a classical author.
THE ACTRESS : Well, for the moment, we would rather not tackle an author… who has done nothing to us!
Les Coréens | Michel Vinaver | in Korean in France!
Created in Seoul in November 2006 and directed by Marion Schoevaert and Byun Jung Joo at the Seongnam Art Center with the Wuturi company (6 musicians and 13 actors), this production will be coming to the Scène national Evreux Louviers from the 27th March to the 1st April 2008.
« I was able to attend the opening night. It was an extraordinarily powerful and beautiful piece of theatre. The emotion was wonderful from everyone. » Michel Vinaver |
more about this event in next Actes du Théâtre newsletter…
Burn Baby Burn | Carine Lacroix
It’s about telling stories to question identity – your own and other people’s – and maybe to gain a better understanding. But they are simple stories which are full of laughter and dreams.
Éditions l’Avant-Scène Collection Les Quatre-Vents
Je suis la bête | Anne Sibran
I wanted to reverse the perspective, to tell a story where for once compassion was on the animal’s side. Instead of man, this time it’s the beast that hears the child, a creature of clay shaped first by one then the other.
Éditions Gallimard


GERMANY | Translations/Performances

Petit | Catherine Anne
Amitiés sincères | St. Archinard, Fr. Prévôt-Leygonie Pegler Verlag
Le Mioche | Philippe Aufort
Toc Toc | Laurent Baffie Pegasus Verlag
Fleur de Cactus (version Berlin) | Barillet, Grédy Pegler Verlag
Quatre pièces sur jardin | Barillet, Grédy Pegler Verlag
Les Copropriétaires | Gérard Darier Ahn und Simrock Verlag
La Nuit même pas peur | Claudine Galea
La Valse des pingouins | Patrick Haudecoeur Ahn und Simrock Verlag
L'Européenne | David Lescot Kiepenheuer Verlag
Terre Sainte | Mohamed Kacimi représenté par
III | Philippe Malone
Surprise et Conséquences | S. Martin, E. Dabbous Pegler Verlag
Coup de Soleil | Marcel Mithois Pegler Verlag
L'Intrus | Alain Reynaud-Fourton Pegler Verlag
Monsieur Amédée | Alain Reynaud-Fourton Pegler Verlag
Chocolat Piment | Christine Reverho Pegler Verlag
Le Cabaret des hommes perdus | Christian Siméon Pegler Verlag

AUSTRALIA | Translations/Performances

Hilda | Marie NDiaye Laura Pels Productions, Inc.

CHILI | Translations/Performances

Oscar et la dame rose | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

CHINA | Translations/Performances

Le Dîner de cons | Francis Veber

SPAIN | Translations/Performances

Les Règles du savoir-vivre dans la société moderne, Dernier Remords avant l’oubli | Jean-Luc Lagarce Teatro del Astillero Ediciones
L'Ordinaire, Les Voisins | Michel Vinaver Teatro del Astillero Ediciones

UNITED STATES | Translations/Performances

Terre Sainte | Mohamed Kacimi
Ca va | Philippe Minyana
Oscar et la dame Rose | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Alexandra David-Néel et la magie ordinaire | William Snow, J. Hafkin
Le Cabaret des hommes perdus | Christian Siméon

ICELAND | Translations/Performances

Le Collier d’Hélène | Carole Fréchette
Petits Crimes conjugaux | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt m

ISRAEL | Translations/Performances

Terre Sainte | Mohamed Kacimi Théâtre National de Jérusalem

ITALIA | Translations/Performances

La Dernière Salve | Jean-Claude Brisville Agence d’Arborio
Le Mal de mère | M. Feldmann, P.O. Scotto Agence d’Arborio
Le Tigre bleu de l'Euphrate | Laurent Gaudé Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Le Murmonde | Serge Kribus traduit par Polvani Simona, Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Perlino Comment, Albatros | Fabrice Melquiot Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Le Diable en partage | Fabrice Melquiot traduit par Polvani Simona, Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Autour de ma pierre il ne fera pas nuit, Ma vie de chandelle | Fabrice Melquiot traduit par Polvani Simona, Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Le Laveur de visage, L'Inattendu | F. Melquiot Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Les Serpents, Hilda | Marie NDiaye Titivillus Edicion (2008)
Le Garçon Girafe | Christophe Pellet traduit par Polvani Simona, Titivillus Edicion (2008)
La Fuite | Gao Xingjian Titivillus Edicion (2008)

POLAND | Translations/Performances

Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek
Post-it | Carole Greep
III | Philippe Malone
Le Carton | Clément Michel
Tout contre un petit bois | Jean-Michel Ribes
Oscar et la dame rose | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt m

CZECH REPUBLIC | Translations/Performances

Rue de Babylone | Jean-Marie Besset
Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek
La Valse des pingouins | Patrick Haudecoeur
Chocolat Piment | Christine Reverho

UNITED KINGDOM| Translations/Performances

Trans'aheliennes | Rodrigue Norman
Cet enfant
| Joël Pommerat Company of Angels
Le Petit Chaperon rouge | Joël Pommerat
Le Cabaret des hommes perdus | Christian Siméon

SWEDEN | Translations/Performances

Crocus et Fracas | Catherine Anne


LABOO7 | a European Project for a network of contemporary theatre for children and young people

The project was launched during the Swedish Theatre Biennial in Örebro in May 2007. Karin Serres and Erik Uddenberg have written the following report. |

« How can one understand another country’s theatre? How is it possible to understand all the differences and make oneself faithfully receptive to the texts and performances? »
« The concept of collaboration between writer and director, and writing on commission, which is the normal situation in Sweden, is very odd to the French. »

La Sala Beckett | Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia

A reference and a driving force in new playwriting, as well as an international centre for new theatre and experimentation. This summer Claire Rengade and Sylvain Levey wrote a diary while attending the International Playwriting Workshop. |

   PLAYWRIGHTS CORNER | Claire Rengade
« And while listening to other people’s texts, I had a strange feeling of liking the piece – although I couldn’t grasp the actual words. Then I’d make up new words to show them I could feel how they were trying to come up with something I’d like. I didn’t know the words at first. I made them up as we went along. Then I wrote them down.»
« A friend asked me this: « What does a trip like that do for you? ». « It helps you ask the right questions and drop the things you thought you knew for sure.»

Fonds Etant Donnés | award-winners

The aim of this Franco-American fund to encourage American institutions to stage productions by contemporary French playwrights and in the United States. The news is its decision to support circus productions.

Scène 10 | publication of French works in German

Featured in this issue :
Philippe Aufort, Jean Cagnard, Daniel Danis, Joël Jouanneau, Fabrice Melquiot, Joël Pommerat.

Le Dîner de cons ... in China and in Chinese !

The play has been a huge hit, opening in Shanghai in the summer of 2007 and now on tour around China. Yuyao Carlot, who co-translated Le Dîner de cons into Mandarin with Zhiping Hou, responds to some of our questions about the current status of theatre in China. |

« Text-based theatre was first imported in 1907 in China. This year, 2007, is thus its one hundredth anniversary.»
Publication Act French Contemporary Plays from France

Edited, with an introduction, by Philippa Wehle.
Featured in this issue :
Michel Vinaver
, Michèle Sigal, Olivier Cadiot, Valère Novarina, Philippe Minyana, Emmanuelle Marie, José Pliya

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