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Entr'Actes - Newsletter 27 - french version


Secret de famille | Eric Assous
Pierre, a lonely divorcee, is the father of Quentin who has recently become engaged to the magnificent Clémence. Clémence is in no hurry to tie the knot, however, and for a very simple reason : she is in love with the father, not the son !
Parle-moi d'amour | Philippe Claudel
An upper-middle-class Parisian couple in their fifties has just come home from a dinner party, which triggers a clash. Their domestic dispute spares no aspect of their marriage. An explosive and ferocious mix, treated with a very amusing touch.
Éditions Stock
Deux petites dames vers le Nord |
Pierre Notte
Two sisters embark on a quest to every cemetery in Northern France in search of the grave of their father who disappeared twenty years earlier (they can’t remember where), to spread their mother’s ashes.
Éditions l’Avant-Scène, Collection Les Quatre-Vents
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L'Européenne | David Lescot
What if the European cultural scene were spelled out and played out onstage, and to music ? The Arts must come to their assistance, but can they stand up to a reality check ? Does talking together guarantee we understand each other ?
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers
Saint Elvis | Serge Valletti
A cross-section of the life of a guy who thinks he’s Elvis – or maybe he really is Elvis !
Éditions L'Atalante
Les poissons ne meurent pas d'apnée | Emmanuel Robert-Espalieu
Two men in a swimming pool talk about changing the world. One wears a blue cap and the other a red one...
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Les Trompettes de la mort | Tilly
Annick and Henriette-Alexane haven’t seen one another in years. Henriette dreams of being a shining star up on the big screen or on stage in the capital, while Annick has remained attached to her native Brittany.
Éditions Actes Sud-Papiers
Belle(s) Famille(s) | Alain Cauchi
Toni and Mathilde both have problems with their family. They buy a house in the country and decide to marry - for better or… perhaps for worse, after they invite their parents for the weekend to announce the good news
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An interview with Suzanne Lebeau
It was a decision I made to devote my life to young audiences, first as an actress and then as a writer because I wasn’t satisfied with the plays I was performing in. I wondered what writing for an audience of children would involve. [...] »
An interview with Philippe Minyana
« I’ve been working for a while now on the theme of returning – to one’s native land, and reconciliation – and on the idea of conversation and forms of communication between human beings. So for Voilà I chose visiting as the framework, which itself involves certain rituals and codes. [...] »
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