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Featured in our Newsletter n°28 : four exciting plays and the fruits of our international promotional work.


Marion Aubert Les Aventures de Nathalie Nicole Nicole | Marion Aubert
It is the story of a little girl possessed by her own demons. Press clippings, letters, sketches, lies, scalpels and declarations ― all have been useful in dissecting Nathalie.

« It is innovative, witty, funny, fast-paced and whimsical ― a fine play that is meant to be heard on stage. » Cédric Enjalbert, Les Trois Coups, January 2008

Stanislas Cotton Si j'avais su j'aurais fait des chiens | Stanislas Cotton
Angéline, at eighteen inherited her mother’s broom and mop, along with other people’s dirt. To get away from her troubles, she enlists in the army. But her bad luck sticks to her...

« Stanislas Cotton’s striking play is raw, violent, funny about things that are monstrous and moving about things that are distressing. » Vincent Goethals, director of the play

Jean-CLaude Grumberg Vers toi Terre promise Tragédie dentaire | Jean-Claude Grumberg
The little boy narrator remembers his all-too-frequent visits to the dentist with his mother after the war. But there’s pain and pain, and the dentist and his wife are going through a far more painful personal tragedy.
Jean-Marie Piemme Dialogue d'un chien avec son maître | Jean-Marie Piemme
A stray dog meets a hotel doorman who has been forced to live in a trailer next to the motorway due to hard times. The dog wants to settle down but his master doesn’t. They clash in a comic philosophical debate on poverty and the state of the world.

« This philosophical fable grabs you for and hour and forty minutes, with no lulls, just enough to catch your breath between laughs. » Midi Libre, 21 July 2008



The SACD international promotion department has provided support in translating and/or presenting the following plays in 2008. It has also helped produce several events by providing advice and sending out plays through its international cultural initiatives.

PROMOTION ABROAD | Translations / Performances

     Hilda | Marie NDiaye Festival BITE www.seymour.usyd.edu.au

     Terre sainte | Mohamed Kacimi www.theater-verlag-desch.de
     Le Cabaret des hommes perdus | C. Siméon, P. Laviosa www.pegler-verlag.de

     J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites | Carole Greep
     Terre sainte | Mohamed Kacimi

     Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte www.vbox7.com

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous www.harlekyn.cz
     Les Belles-Soeurs | Eric Assous
     Parle-moi d'amour | Philippe Claudel Divadlo Kalich
     Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek www.fidlovacka.cz
     La Valse des pingouins| Patrick Haudecoeur www.hdj.cz
     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte
     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade, Christophe Duthuron

     Le Mental de l'équipe| E.Bourdieu, F. Bélier-Garcia www.dramacorner.fi

     Du même ventre | Catherine Anne www.kultur-frankreich.de
     Les Belles-Soeurs | Eric Assous Pegler Verlag
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous Pegler Verlag
     Secret de famille | Eric Assous Pegler Verlag
     Le Mioche | Philippe Aufort www.thaliatheaterhalle.de
     Portrait de famille | Denise Bonal www.thaliatheaterhalle.de
     Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek www.theater-verlag-desch.de
     La Nuit MêmePasPeur | Claudine Galea www.thaliatheaterhalle.de
     La Chapelle-en-Brie | Alain Gautré www.staatstheater.karlsruhe.de
     Ma mère qui chantait sur un phare | Gilles Granouillet www.sr-online.de
     L'Entretien | Philippe Malone
     L'Extraordinaire Tranquillité des choses | Lancelot Hamelin,
    Philippe Malone, Sylvain Levey, Michel Simenot www.thaliatheaterhalle.de
     Mamie Ouate en Papoâsie | Joël Jouanneau, Marie-Claire
     Le Pavec
     L'Européenne | David Lescot www.kiepenheuer-medien.de
     Hilda | Marie NDiaye www.thaliatheaterhalle.de
     Les Serpents | Marie NDiaye www.merlin-verlag.de
     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte www.felix-bloch-erben.de
     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade, Christophe Duthuron Pegler Verlag
     Cet enfant | Joël Pommerat
     Le Petit Chaperon rouge | Joël Pommerat www.parkaue.de
     Les Nouvelles Voltaire's folies | Jean-François Prévand www.theater-verlag-desch.de
     Stravaganza | Claude Prin www.henschel-theater.de
     Désertion | Pauline Sales www.thaliatheaterhalle.de
     Louise/les ours | Karin Serres
     Je suis la bête | Anne Sibran www.thaliatheaterhalle.de

     De vrais amis | Serge Adam www.darborio.it
     Les mots et la chose | Jean-Claude Carrière www.agenziaisabellagullo.net
     Le jeune prince et la vérité | Jean-Claude Carrière www.teatroliberopalermo.it
     Burn Baby Burn | Carine Lacroix
     La Fugue | Gao Xingjian www.titivillus.it
     Le Tigre bleu de l'Euphrate | Laurent Gaudé www.teatroliberopalermo.com

     Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte www.theaterx.jp
     Les Couteaux dans le dos | Pierre Notte www.theaterx.jp
     Pour l'amour de Gérard Philipe | Pierre Notte www.theaterx.jp
     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous www.teatrprezentacje.pl
     L'Amérique | Serge Kribus www.teatrprezentacje.pl
     Les Héritiers | Alain Krief www.teatrprezentacje.pl
     Tout contre un petit bois | Jean-Michel Ribes www.teatrprezentacje.pl

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous www.tnb.ro
     Secret de famille | Eric Assous

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
     Le Meilleur Professeur | Daniel Besse
     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte Théâtre d’Ekaterinbourg pour Jeunes Spectateurs

     Cravate Club | Fabrice Roger-Lacan www.singtheatre.com

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
     Les Belles-Soeurs | Eric Assous
     La Vie devant soi | Romain Gary, adapt. Xavier Jaillard www.grupfocus.cat
     J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites | Carole Greep www.scenicrights.com
     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade, Christophe Duthuron www.focus.es

     Crocus et Fracas | Catherine Anne www.folkteatern.se
     Ouasmok ? | Sylvain Levey
     Le Petit Chaperon Rouge | Joël Pommerat
     Louise/les Ours | Karin Serres

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous

     Mariage | David Lescot www.arcolatheatre.com
     Hilda | Marie NDiaye www.caravanseraiproductions.com
     Stravaganza | Claude Prin

     Araberlin | Jalila Baccar The City University of New York
     En bas, c'est moi | Sébastien Joanniez The City University of New York

LABOO7 - Projet européen autour des écritures contemporaines pour le jeune public LABOO7 | A European Project for a network of contemporary theatre for children and young people

The European LABO07 project has writing for young people and playwrights at its core. We must therefore establish a solid reading committee in France that is capable of taking as broad a perspective as possible while also assuming responsibility for its own subjective choices.

About the LABOO7 reading committees

 1st selection of French-language plays 2007
2nd selection of French-language plays 2008

Paris Calling - Saison franco-britannique 2009 2009 Franco-British Event

January-July 2009: Paris Calling, a Franco-British cultural collaboration in the performing arts featuring a programme of readings and meetings around new plays, is organised by the National Theatre Studio in partnership with several London theatres.
The SACD international promotion department submitted thirty plays, most in translation, to the Paris Calling New Writing reading committee.

British audiences will hear - among others -
plays by :

Marion Aubert | Les aventures de Nathalie Nicole Nicole
Ahmed Ghazali | Le Mouton et la Baleine
Mohamed Kacimi | Terre Sainte
David Lescot | Un homme en faillite
Pierre Notte | Moi aussi, je suis Catherine Deneuve
Pascal Rambert | Le début de l'A.

FACE à FACE - Italie FACE A FACE | Italy

16 January - 5 July 2009: 3rd FACE A FACE – Parole di Francia per scene d’Italia – presents staged readings and productions of works by French playwrights in 13 Italian cities.
This year for the first time a reciprocal event will take place in France: the FACE TO FACE, Words from Italy for French Stages 2009 event.

Scène 11 - Publication à l'automne de Scène 11 - Allemagne Publishing « Scène 11 / Allemagne » in Autumn 2008 | Germany

The journal Scène, sent to all German theatre professionals and in particular to theatre dramaturgs, is an essential tool for promoting contemporary French-language plays translated into German.

Table of Contents for this issue :
Habbat Alep by Gustave Akakpo,
Ronan Chéneau,
Philippe Malone,
Les Serpents by Marie NDiaye,
Loin de Corpus Christi by Christophe Pellet.

  International Residencies for Young Playwrights in July 2008

  SPAIN | Obrador d'Estiu, Sala Beckett.
Barcelona : Marion Aubert residency, workshop led
by David Lescot.


  THE NETHERLANDS | Interplay Europe 2008,
Adeline Picault (Bobine et Mikado) and Alban
Ketelbuters (Un peu de nuit) residencies in Utrecht.


Translated in English.
Fonds Etant Donnés - Les lauréats Fonds Etant Donnés | Award-winners

The aim of this Franco-American fund is to encourage American institutions to stage productions by contemporary French playwrights and in the United States.

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