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Entr’Actes salutes four playwrights aired on the radio – even though radio plays don’t have entr’actes (intervals).
There’s no need for them.
Likewise, there’s no need for costumes, sets, entrances or exits, stage right or left.
The listeners do all the dressing, decorating and directing, imagining everything in their minds as they dive deep inside the scenes written by Claudine Galea, Adeline Picault, Michèle Sigal and Jacques Albert. I hope all four of them have stage productions of their plays very soon – and then come right back to the radio. That to-and-fro between radio set and stage is what we need, along with the playwrights’ involvement in the world.

Jean Larriaga, 17 March 2009 | Playwright, SACD Board Member for Radio
Jacques Albert Sig Sauer Pro | Jacques Albert
The countryside. In France. A little world like any other, caught up in its own stark vacuousness, perpetually stagnating at the edge of morality and fantasy, in the wasteland of the implied and the unspoken. The neighbour's dog barks, Damien kills the dog, Grandfather fails at suicide, François succeeds in having a car accident, and life goes on with its sick convulsions, contained spasms and timorous pipe dreams.
Claudine Galea Je reviens de loin | Claudine Galea
Camille, a wife and mother of two children, has left. Back at the house they wonder about it and talk to her.
She answers. She’s there. Who’s there? Who left? Je reviens de loin traces the troubled border between imagination and reality. What’s true? The facts or the path you go down as you experience them?
Editions Espaces 34
Adeline Picault Et d'un ventre pleure une montagne | Adeline Picault
Stéphanie has just got herself pregnant by the bouncer in the cloakroom of a discotheque. She had needed to talk to someone and feel some human warmth after getting off her job at a little ski resort that night. With no news from the man, who had been so sweet, and not knowing what to do, she goes back to see him.
Michèle Sigal Chroniques de l'autre rive | Michèle Sigal
Funeral homes, expert in the art of dressing up death, offer to ‘stage’ ‘tailor-made’ ceremonies designed to turn a person’s demise into a spectacular and unforgettable event, transforming death into a consumer product – the last one. But…
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