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Featured in our Newsletter n° 32 : six exciting new plays!

Jean Franco Guillaume Melanie
Panique au ministère | Jean Franco and Guillaume Mélanie
Gabrielle is the principal private secretary at the Department of Education. Between Louis, the clueless Education Secretary, Cécile, her peppy man-eating mother, and Sara, her daughter striving to be independent, she isn’t having an easy time of it! But her confirmed bachelorette ways fly out the window and the Department of Education is turned upside down with the arrival on the scene of Éric, a young house cleaner who’s her junior by 20 years.
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Clement Michel Le Grand Bain | Clément Michel
Six friends –including one couple with a baby– have rented a vacation house in the sunny Lubéron. It’s hot. Way too hot. And there’s nothing like a nice swim for cooling off. There’s just one thing. The pool is big, beautiful – and stunningly empty. What do you do when there’s no water in sight? Do you dive, float or sink?
Le Grand Bain is a comedy-on-the-rocks, a quasi-aquatic tragedy about friends, vacations and swimmers.
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David Pharao Elle & Louis | David Pharao
Louis is not well. Not well at all. Despite his excellent job, magnificent apartment and pretty young wife, the depressed skinflint’s life has become an absolute hell. Before leaving him, his wife advises him to seek help. But he can’t bear the thought of undergoing long, ruinous sessions of psychotherapy. At that precise moment his gaze falls on Thérèse, who is just putting out the trash bins. Why not do analysis with the concierge of his building? He’s already paying her to do two hours of ironing a week, so with the therapy that would come out to five. A unique, undreamt-of adventure has just dawned between She and Louis (Elle & Louis).
Veronique Olmi Sumo | Véronique Olmi
They’ve been living together for several years, but one day Madeleine asks Christian to leave. It just isn’t working anymore. Why go on ? She starts wondering who she really is and who is living inside her: is it 40-year-old
« Madeleine », « Mado » as she was called at 18, or « little Mado », her 5-year-old self? And which of them loves – or used to love - Christian? The adult, the teenager or the little girl? Which of them needs this man and why?
Gilles Granouillet Nos écrans bleutés | Gilles Granouillet
In their home in a housing development, a mother, her daughter and son-in-law are waiting for the father to come home. He’s coming back in an ambulance because he’s been in the hospital recovering from his thirteenth attempted suicide. A surprise guest is there to give him a really special welcome – the TV!

Carole Thibaut Faut-il laisser les vieux pères manger seuls aux comptoirs des bars | Carole Thibaut
An elderly father has just arrived at his daughter’s house. They haven’t seen each other since her mother’s death ten years earlier. The daughter has a hostile attitude toward her father. She refuses to give him dinner and they start drinking. They drink all night long. The father tells his daughter that he’s dying and asks for her help. Ric, his daughter’s friend, joins them at regular intervals. Over the course of the night the three characters do a dance of life and death, love and hate, in which they try to settle scores from the past.
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