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Every summer the SACD explores diverse and inventive forms of playwriting through improbable and amazing encounters among different worlds and disciplines. This summer the SACD is presenting:

   les Sujets à vif,

   les Voix d'auteurs,
     Pierre Meunier | Koffi Kwahulé | Nathalie Papin

   L'Auteur Studio,

   les Rencontres du Conservatoire d'Avignon,

   and 4 new productions awarded grants from the Fonds
     SACD 2009 :

     - L'Amour de l'art
    by and staged by Diastème | Théâtre du Chêne Noir

     - Les Cauchemars du Gecko by Jean-Luc Raharimanana
    staged by Thierry Bédard
| Gymnase Aubanel

     - Les Inepties volantes
    by and staged by Dieudonné Niangouna
| Cloître des

     - Le Livre d'or de Jan
    by and staged by Hubert Colas | Cloître des Carmes



The Beaumarchais-SACD Association has provided support to the following new productions in the Off festival:

     - Ma mère commence à mourir juste un peu (mais l'entraîneur
     du PSG n'est pas encore cuit) by Laurent Searle | Théâtre
    du Ring

     - Je tue il ... ou elle by Sophie Gueyraud
    staged by Carle Empereur | Théâtre Le Forum

     - Modeste Contribution by Dominique Wittorski
    staged by Jean-Marie Lejude | La Caserne des Pompiers

     - Le Monde entier est un théâtre by Catherine Arditi
    adapted from William Shakespeare,
    staged by Frédéric Baptiste | Théâtre du Petit Chien

     - L'Evasion de Kamo adapted (from Daniel Pennac)
    and staged by Guillaume Barbot | Collège de la Salle

     - Speed Dating by George de Cagliari
    staged by Sara Veyron| Théâtre de La Luna

     - Pour Bobby by Serge Valletti
    staged by Christophe Correia | Théâtre du Chien qui Fume




The 2009 SACD Prizes included the following:

     Theatre Prize | Serge Valletti
     New Theatre Talent Prize | Carole Thibaut

     Best Director Prize | Laurent Pelly

     Radio Prize | Claudine Galéa
     New Radio Talent Prize | Mariannick Bellot

     European Prize | Matéi Visniec


   Drama Critics’ Circle Award | 15 June 2009

The prize for best French-language production was awarded to

     Vers toi Terre Promise | Jean-Claude Grumberg
     directed by Charles Tordjman



   2009 First Prize in Playwriting | 2 June 2009

For the fifth consecutive year, a French-language playwright was awarded the First Prize in Playwriting for a play published in 2008.

The prize went to:

     Christophe Pellet for La Conférence | L'Arche Editeur


   2009 Collidram Prize | 29 May 2009

This prize was awarded by eight high school classes in Ile-de-France, from 6th to 9th grades. It was created by Association Postures in partnership with ANETH.

The 2009 Collidram Prize was awarded to:

     Sébastien Joanniez for Désarmés, cantique



   FONDS SACD | Results of the selection committee held on 27 May 2009

For its fifth year, the FONDS SACD committee selected the theatre projects to be awarded production and promotion grants (subsidised and private theatre). 15 projects were chosen to receive 15,000 euros each:



   Centre National du Théâtre | 27 and 28 April 2009

The Commission Nationale d'Aide à la Création (National Production Grant Commission) selected 19 texts, including 9 plays, out of a total of 247 submitted.


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