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Pierre Notte Les Couteaux dans le dos | Pierre Notte
There are about fifty characters in this voyage of initiation in which the young Marie has run away from home, crossed continents, met ghosts, tried anything and everything, and wound up discovering the sweeter side of life with a lighthouse keeper...
Eric Assous L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
It is always risky - inadvisable even - to confide in one’s spouse. That a couple could be based on honesty is an illusion. […] No lies are without consequences, no truths without peril. Ultimately, trust has to remain an illusion. That’s probably the basic condition for a peaceful marriage.
Marion Aubert Orgueil, poursuite et décapitation |
Marion Aubert
In a whirlwind of wacky scenes M. Auberte the madwoman evokes a colorful little world. Scenes portray various aspects of life: the everyday, children, marriage, a family, work, the nation, some rituals, and the seven deadly sins. In short, the ordinary folly of our world.
Sylvain Levey Pour rire pour passer le temps |
Sylvain Levey
A man accompanied by another man tells a third man to hit a fourth. Where did they come from? We don’t know. Why are they doing this? We don’t know. Where is it happening? We don’t know. Is it a game? Maybe. Maybe not. We don’t know. That’s the good part.
Frederic Sonntag Sous contrôle | Frédéric Sonntag
In 22 short scenes, Sous contrôle describes a world where the threads of reality and fictional cannot be disentangled, and where Politics and Entertainment are inextricably linked.
Luc Tartar Les Yeux d’Anna | Luc Tartar
Les Yeux d’Anna could have been just a small news item, but I wanted to talk about differences and freedom and to transcend the story through my writing. Violence in society is the backdrop...
Laboo7 LABOO7 | Joint project on theatre for young audiences in Europe: Innovation and Action

With two years of action and reflection under its belt, LABOO7 examines what young people have to say and sheds new light on the relationship between writing and translating in Europe through two specific and unique experiments.

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