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Jean-Claude Carrière Audition | Jean-Claude Carrière
Three actors are called up for an audition. Unfortunately, they know neither the play nor
their parts!
But, are they really actors?
And if not, who are they?
Samuel Gallet Encore un jour sans | Samuel Gallet
Yarold and Simon live in a warehouse on
the outskirts of a large city [...] Encore un jour sans deals with the choice faced by those on
the fringe - caught between powerlessness and
the hope of becoming something.
Stéphanie Marchais Corps étrangers | Stéphanie Marchais
A doctor stalking a tall man with a foreign name, with the aim of taking his body. He wants to know what this giant is made of, how his flesh moves
on his bones, if he has a soul and if it’s like other people’s.
Sabine Revillet Fissure de sœur | Sabine Revillet
« My Mommy is not like other mommies
She’s not like some of them who smell like
Spaghetti sauce or steak
My Mommy smells good »
Alain Gautré Impasse des anges | Alain Gautré
Impasse des Anges is a funereal ballet in which
sex is the mask. Each of them is trying to resolve his confusion or dissatisfaction.
It`s a dark comedy. You laugh a lot.
Luc Chaumar Mafia et sentiment | Luc Chaumar
Admitting to your best friend that you’re his daughter’s lover is a very delicate thing.
And when he’s a mafia godfather, it’s downright dangerous. Bad Karma for poor Étienne who’s bracing for a rotten day.
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Koffi Kwahulé La Mélancolie des barbares | Koffi Kwahulé
« Koffi Kwahulé has provided his young actors with brilliant and explosive material, and us with a violent, lucid and playful vision of adolescence:
a bonafide thriller, or anti-Scarface in a provincial housing project. »
Sébastien Bournac, La Dépêche, 23 sept. 2009
Patrick Haudecœur Thé à la menthe ou t’es citron |
Patrick Haudecœur and Danielle Navarro
A troup of actors is rehearsing a light comedy.
It’s a few days from opening night, and nothing is ready.
Opening night arrives and everything goes haywire!
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