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Denise Bonal Passions et prairie | Denise Bonal
« How to deal with one’s aging parents? That is the crucial and delicate question raised by Denise Bonal in this play with a social and feminist dimension, so topical it demanded a new printing. Denise Bonal has produced a gem of a play that is both caustic and tender. »
Editions Théâtrales
Guillaume Gallienne Les garçons et Guillaume, à table ! | Guillaume Gallienne
« ... Guillaume Gallienne has embarked on writing his first - intimate and very funny - show. Alone on stage, playing several characters, he strives with subtlety and humour to dispel some ‘misunderstandings’ ... »
Editions Les Solitaires Intempestifs
Extrait vidéo
Nicolas Bedos Promenade de santé | Nicolas Bedos
Two young people are sitting on a bench. They have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and desire one another. Except that the bench is in the garden of a psychiatric clinic. To what extent should we protect others from our own feelings? A story about monsters - two charming ones.
Editions Flammarion
Sabine Tamisier Sad Lisa | Sabine Tamisier
Sad Lisa is a play about silence, tension, suppressed violence and unspoken pain.
The playwright shows an unaffected tenderness full of hope for her characters, without a trace of miserabilism thanks to her fine and concise style.
Editions Théâtrales
Eudes Labrusse Elias Leister a disparu | Eudes Labrusse
Six characters tell the story of Elias Leister and his disappearances. Six characters in search of the truth, thrust into a “poetic thriller”...
Editions L'Avant-Scène Théâtre, coll. des Quatre-Vents
Pierre-Olivier Scotto Coach | Pierre-Olivier Scotto
Paulo and Arsène have friends and a family but feel alone. They screw up their courage and enroll in an institute specializing in coaching, a trendy method to promote well-being. They meet a coach there named Catherine.

     Burn Baby Burn | Carine Lacroix
    Opening 5 May at the Studio Saint Germain Klubu Rock Café. More

     Le Cabaret des hommes perdus | Christian Siméon, music by Patrick Laviosa
    At the Théâtre Scena Prezentacje, Warsaw, Poland on 21 May. More

     New Playwrights Festival # 7 – Thalia Theater Halle More

Face to Face FACE A FACE 2010 Plays Published in Italian Translation :
Perthus | Jean-Marie Besset
Deux Petites Dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte
La Commission centrale de l'enfance and Un homme en faillite | David Lescot
Assoiffés | Wajdi MouawadMore
Editions Titivillus

Septembres | Philippe MaloneMore| Editions Angolo Manzoni
The play opens in Italy on 18 July 2010, part of the FACE A FACE programme at the “Teatro a Corte” Festival in Turin.


     Cet enfant | Joël Pommerat | Agence Draken

     Les garçons et Guillaume, à table ! | Guillaume Gallienne | Agence De Arteche

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