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A Conversation with Noëlle Renaude, interviewed by Sabine Bossan | A face to face
Actes du Théâtre met with Noëlle Renaude in late June when éditions Théâtrales published Sans carte sans boussole sans équipement, a collection including eight of her plays, and Noëlle Renaude, Atlas alphabétique d'un nouveau monde, edited and compiled by Michel Corvin.

Noëlle Renaude « Noëlle Renaude [...] Everything is put together – even what doesn't go together; it's mismatched, and the things that don't go together are put together anyway, and I think that's what characterizes my writing. The stage is the fundamental basis for my writing and my work. It's made for the stage, which is both the source and destination. But it's all channelled through books, and that's something I really believe in. I'd even go as far as to say the book is enough in itself. The play is all there in the book. »
Noëlle Renaude, Atlas alphabétique d'un nouveau monde « NR [...] Michel Corvin has wanted to do this book about me for about ten years; but it's actually better that he's done it now because I'm further along in my writing. Being a perfectionist, he directed the project masterfully, bringing in highly diverse, cutting-edge participants. And he's got a wicked sense of humor combined with steely precision. My publisher, who has followed my work for 20 years and fulfilled all my layout needs, has done groundbreaking work. I'm extremely proud of the book. [...] »
Eric Assous Le Technicien | Eric Assous
« How about a really funny comedy to get back to work with a smile on your face? ... »
Gabor Rassov Les Amis du placard | Gabor Rassov
« JACQUES [...] That's when Odile saw the ad for a special sale of friends at a superstore in the Paris area. »
Francis Joffo Les Battantes | Francis Joffo
« Finally a play that's so hilarious from start to finish that you don't have time to catch your breath. [...] The playwright clearly denounces the situation of battered women and their weakness/victimhood. He paints a sardonic portrait of men, giving them quite a thrashing and a fine lesson in good manners. Truly delightful/entertaining »
Entr'Actes Reading Committee
Eric Szerman Les Indifférents
Eric Szerman and Camille Turlot
« The striking thing in Camille and Eric's work, whether it's the text or the music, is the energy it gives off. It isn't forced or over-the-top. It's direct, real and simple. [...] »
Camille Turlot Stéphane Cottin, director
PROMOTION ABROAD | Translations / Performances

     La Femme coquelicot | Noëlle Chatelet En savoir plus
     adaptation Yann Le Gouic de Kervéno,
     Opens Oct. 4th Studio Saint Germain Klubu Rock Café,

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous | Pegler Verlag Agency
     Opened Aug. 26th, Cologne | Theater am Dom
     Sous contrôle | Frédéric Sonntag
     Radio broadcast, Oct. 21st on SR En savoir plus

     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
     Opens mid-0ctober, Teatro Argo, Athens
     Panique au Ministère | Jean Franco and Guillaume Mélanie
     Teatro Athinais, Athens

     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade and Christophe Duthuron
     Sept. 28 - Oct. 24 | Teatro Manzoni | Paola d'Arborio Agency

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous En savoir plus

     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade et Christophe Duthuron
     On tour, Sept 15th - Oct. 10 Teatro Goya, Barcelona
     Juan Jose de Arteche Agency
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
     On tour, Sept 16th-Oct. 1st Teatro Nuevo Apolo, Barcelona
     Juan Jose de Arteche Agency
     La vie devant soi | Romain Gary En savoir plus
     adaptation Xavier Jaillard, Opened Sept. 10th,
     Teatro La Latina, Madrid | Juan Jose de Arteche Agency

     Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte
     staged by Valéry Warnotte, Opens Oct. 14th, Chicago
    Trap Door Theatre


     Les Couteaux dans le dos | Pierre Notte
Felix Bloch Erben Agency
     Mafia et sentiment | Luc Chaumar | Pegasus Agency

Scène 13 - Publication à l'automne de Scène 13 - Germany Publishing Scène 13 in Autumn 2010 | Germany

The journal Scène, sent to all German theatre professionals and in particular to theatre dramaturgs, is an essential tool for promoting contemporary French-language plays translated into German.
Since 1999, 235 plays have been staged in Germany by authors whose work has been published in the Scène collection (13 volumes).
Since 1999, more than 156 plays by contemporary French authors have been added to the repertory of major German theatres.

Table of Contents for this issue:
Crash Test by Marie Dilasser,
Gérald Dumont,
Le Procès de Bill Clinton
Lancelot Hamelin,
Facteur Humain by Thierry Janssen,
Erzuli Dahomey by Jean-René Lemoine.

Wadji Mouawad - Japan
Michel Azama - Japan
Contemporary Theater in French Collection | Japan

Plays by Wajdi Mouawad, Littoral and by Michel Azama, Croisades et Zoo de nuit, make up the first volumes in this new collection created by the Franco-Japanese Institute of Tokyo with the Franco-Japanese Theater Association, published this summer by Rengashobou-shinsha publishing house.

Sala Beckett - Spain International Young Playwrights Residency in July 2010 | Spain
La Sala Beckett | Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia

A reference and a driving force in new playwriting, as well as an international centre for new theatre and experimentation. Samuel Gallet and Alban Ketelbuters give a report on their workshop last summer.

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