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Mariannick Bellot A Conversation with Mariannick Bellot, interviewed by Sabine Bossan | A face to face
« [...]The main problem at the radio is that it's stuck in 1918. People still don't see radio as having its own language. There are lots of minor arts that have become full-fledged art forms, such as comics; but not radio. It's still mainly a medium for information. But that's not true. The form itself determines the style of writing and how it is perceived. »
Catherine Tullat De l'autre côté | Catherine Tullat
« De l'autre côté was built around a wall delimiting not land or countries, but salary levels. It's an insurmountable wall that separates, excludes, rejects and ousts [...] »
Cyril Vernet Dérapage | Cyril Vernet
« A corpse,
a story
and two points of view.
Claude Carré Au bon marché | Claude Carré
« SALESMAN I highly recommend stopping at the children's department on your way out. It's an especially moving display area.
FANNY Children's department? We don't have any children.
SALESMAN Precisely. We got in a batch for the opening. Shall I walk you over? »
Stéphane Michaka Les Enfants du docteur Mistletoe |
Stéphane Michaka
« In a manor house in Scotland 7 children wake up to find that Dr. Mistletoe, who had kidnapped them, has been turned into an apericube. They are now free, but have been bequeathed a strange inheritance of tricky talents. »
Éditions Espaces 34 (Théâtre Jeunesse Collection)
Arno Bertina La Relève des dieux par les pitres |
Arno Bertina
« A woman is to give a speech at the incineration of a colleague who committed suicide. But, frightened by the presence of death and furious at the company's divisive tactics, she comes undone and is seized with panic. »
Pierre Senges Le Syndrome de Sherlock Holmes |
Pierre Senges
« At the end of his life Conan Doyle is anxiously awaiting Holmes, who has come to get his revenge. Blending fiction with an increasingly confused reality, the writer finds Doctor Watson to be his only counsel. »
Mariannick Bellot Comme un pied | Mariannick Bellot
« It's the story of a small football club in the suburbs that has experienced a dramatic rise due to doping, organic cookies and rigged bets. »
Caroline de Kergariou Expatriés | Caroline de Kergariou
« Rents are skyrocketing in Paris, forcing Pétronille and Gonzague to leave the Marais and go into exile in a red suburb. Their new address is on Lenin Street! It's real culture shock! »
PROMOTION ABROAD | Translations / Performances

     Les Couteaux dans le dos | Pierre Notte
     opens 10.29.10 at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia
     then on tour: 10.30.10 N.O. Massalitinov National Drama
     Theatre in Plovdiv | 01.11.10 Konstantin Velitchkov National
     Drama and Puppet Theatre in Pazardjik

     Orgueil, poursuite et décapitation | Marion Aubert
     opens at the Saarländisches Staatstheater in november En savoir plus

     L'Aide mémoire | Jean-Claude Carrière En savoir plus
     opens 12.21.10 at the Teatro Comunale de Fermo
     then on tour | Paola d'Arborio Agency

     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
     opens 11.03.10 at the Scena Prezentacje Theatre

     L'Histoire du communisme racontée à des malades mentaux
     Matéi Visniec | Teatrul National de Cluj

     La Gelée d'arbre | Hervé Blutsch
     opens 11.15.10 at the Teatrul National de Cluj

     Une liaison pornographique | Philippe Blasband En savoir plus
     on tour : currently at the Teatro Lara, Madrid En savoir plus
     Juan Jose de Arteche Agency

  UNITED STATES     Everybody's talking about!   En savoir plus
     Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte
     staged by Valéry Warnotte, Chicago | Trap Door Theatre

Festival Primeurs | Germany

The fourth Festival Primeurs, a contemporary playwriting festival, runs from November 17th-20th in Sarrebrück, featuring plays for radio and stage, readings and staged readings, and a round table discussion on promoting plays.

  The program includes : Erich von Stroheim by Christophe Pellet, La Liste byJennifer Tremblay, Une jeune fille et un pendu by Philippe Gauthier, Les Aventures d'Auren, le petit serial killer by Joseph Danan, Cercles/Fictions by Joël Pommerat , Biokhraphia by Lina Saneh and Rabih Mroué, Sous contrôle by Frédéric Sonntag.
TranslationWorkshop & Readings Series | Hungary
November 22-23, 2010 | Budapest National Theatre

The Institut Français in Budapest, the National Theatre of Budapest and the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute wish to actively promote contemporary French-language playwriting, with support from Culture France and the SACD. To that end they have organized translation workshops, and the Hungarian public and theater professionals are invited to participate in two days of readings hosted by the National Theatre of Budapest.

The following plays have been selected : Terre sainte by Mohamed Kacimi, Burn Baby Burn by Carine Lacroix, Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve by Pierre Notte, L'Énéide by Olivier Kemeid, La Mélancolie des barbares by Koffi Kwahulé, L'Européenne by David Lescot.
LABOO7 | THEATRE CAFE | United Kingdom
November 4-6, 2010 | London

A reading of the European theatre series Ank ! Ang ! closed the Theatre Café Festival in London. Attended by French playwrights Karin Serres Karin Serres, who initiated the series, and Sylvain Levey. | Program

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