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Denise Chalem A conversation with Denise Chalem, interviewed by Sabine Bossan | A face to face
« Denise Chalem We live in a time when everything is specialized, but writing is a whole. It's also about creating an architecture. When I write, I'm building. Sometimes I write eight or nine different versions of my texts, then I pick up the scissors and glue and cut out lines from the end and put them at the beginning for instance. It develops another dynamic, another space. »
Evelyne de la Chenelière Les Pieds des anges | Evelyne de la Chenelière
« Or On existential anxiety in the representation of angels and their feet portrayed in Renaissance art. »
Prix SACD de la dramaturgie francophone 2010
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Philippe Minyana Les Rêves de Margaret | Philippe Minyana
« Capturing reality and turning it into a fable.
Taking a human interest story and creating an epic out of it.

Académie française Prize for his collected works
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Michel Munz Gérard Bitton
Le Gai Mariage |
Michel Munz and Gérard Bitton
NORBERT Why don't you marry a guy?
HENRI Don't be such a jerk... »
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Denise Chalem Aller chercher demain | Denise Chalem
« I tried to evoke the delicate issue of the end of life through laughter and a range of emotions. »
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  Primeurs 4 by Jean Larriaga   Back from Budapest by Carine Lacroix   In good company by Karin Serres
  « Saarbrücken, a conveniently bilingual town, hosted a new crop of French-speaking playwrights who are poles apart yet are all writing about today's issues. »   « Discovering how other people are living, what conditions are like for artists... »   « It was in this breeding ground for today's youth theater, progressing all over Europe, that eight episodes of LABOO7's multilingual and multi-authored theater series Ank! Ang! were read in English for the finale. »
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