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Pierre Barillet

A Conversation with Pierre Barillet, interviewed by Sabine Bossan

SB Pierre Barillet, it seems that you and Jean-Pierre Grédy are in the limelight again with your play Potiche, which has just been made into a film by François Ozon.
Why do you think that play in particular interested him?

Alain Cauchi

Au nom du fils | Alain Cauchi

« ...It's a family story and the drama revolves around the father's death. There's nothing like mourning to make the secrets, resentment and misunderstandings come bursting out in fits of shouting, laughter and tears... »

Marie-Céline Nivière, Pariscope, January 5, 2011


David Lescot

Les Jeunes | David Lescot

Les Jeunes is about the creation, beginnings, rise and dissolution of a rock group made up of three young teenagers christened The Schwartzes. Parallel to this there is the flowering and equally fleeting and inexplicable success of a group of three young pre-teens, The Pinkettes.


Marie Ndiaye

Les Grandes Personnes | Marie NDiaye

Where it is a matter of a ghost living under the staircase. And of a foster son who suddenly comes home and stirs up old memories. And also of a schoolmaster grappling with the unspeakable. And of a foreign woman who disturbs the peace and quiet of a small town by demanding justice for her boy.
« A play cut like a diamond in the rough. »


Daniel Besse
Agnès Besse

Toutou | Daniel Besse and Agnès Besse

« Alex has lost Toutou ("Doggie"), incurring the wrath of Zoé. Do they both love their dog to the same degree? Toutou's absence opens up a Pandora's box of marital grievances. In one evening everything is played out - their love for the dog, their friendship with Pavel, their past and their present. Losing your dog is not an insignificant event. »



     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade and Christophe Duthuron
     Opens on 17.02.11, Theatre Neue Tribüne, Vienne En savoir plus

     Sous contrôle | Frédéric Sonntag
     Opens on 17.02.11, Little City Theatre Off The Channel

     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous | Marcus Agency
     Opens on 04.01.11, Nouvelle scene du Théatre National
     Le Meilleur Professeur | Daniel Besse | Nakonari Publishers

     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
     Opens 12.01.11, Komödie im Marquardt, Stuttgart En savoir plus
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
     On 20.01.11, Schlossparktheater, Berlin En savoir plus
     Le Gai Mariage | Michel Munz and Gérard Bitton En savoir plus
     Les Couteaux dans le dos | Pierre Notte En savoir plus


     L'Aide-Mémoire | Jean-Claude Carrière En savoir plus
     Opens on 21.12.10, Teatro Comunale Dell'Aquila, Fermo
     Pinocchio | Joël Pommerat
     On 29.12.10 - 09.01.11, Teatro Piccolo Eliseo, Rome
     Face à Face 2011
     La Commission centrale de l'enfance | David Lescot
     On 28.02.11, Piccolo Eliseo Patroni Griffi, Rome
     Face à Face 2011
     Terre Sainte | Mohamed Kacimi
     On 07-23.01.11, Teatro Filodrammatici, Milano En savoir plus
     Daddy Blues | Bruno Chapelle and Martyne Visciano
     On 28.01.11, Teatro Comunale de Faenza, then tour En savoir plus
     Il faut tuer le clown | Jean-François Champion
     Opens on 18.02.11 in Fiumicino, then 22.02.11 to
     22.03.11, Teatro Manzoni, Rome En savoir plus

     Vers toi terre promise - Tragédie dentaire
     Jean-Claude Grumberg | Théatre Juif d'Etat

     Mafia et sentiment | Luc Chaumar En savoir plus
     Opens on 14.01.11
     Petits Crimes Conjugaux | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
     Opens on 16.02.11, Théâtre Poliorama, Barcelona

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