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David Bradby

A Tribute to David Bradby

David Bradby passed away on January 17, 2011.
A man of passion and conviction, he forged ties throughout his life between the worlds of teaching and theater with a boundless sense of curiosity and irrepressible energy.
Actes du Théâtre pays tribute to him in this article published in The Independent, written by Piers Plowright.

Eric Assous

Une journée ordinaire | Eric Assous

Between a father and daughter separation is inevitable. One day she will go off with someone else, and you must accept it and put a good face on it. It's not easy to give up what you hold dearest to a stranger.


Olivier Cadiot

Un nid pour quoi faire | Olivier Cadiot

"Royal court in exile in the mountains seeks image consultant. Comfortable room in atypical chalet. No artists."


Laurent Contamin

Passés (Veillée d'armes) | Laurent Contamin

Strata from the past resurface at a seaside resort in northern France - both a border area and a place "in the middle of nowhere" - jeopardizing the present and its security bias.


Enzo Cormann

Bluff | Enzo Cormann

Bluff is a series of three short plays with the common theme of lies — in other words truth, since lies are defined as 'the opposite of truth.'


Denis Lachaud

L'Une | Denis Lachaud

A woman informs her husband that she no longer loves him and wants to leave him. She invites her children over to inform them that she's leaving them too...


Sylvain Levey

Au pays des | Sylvain Levey

Au pays des questions violence and its workings, focusing on psychological violence in the workplace. The main character works in a large amusement park.



     Intrusion | Frédéric Sonntag
     Opens in March 2011, Santiago de Chile,
     new Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center

     Amour et chipolatas | Jean-Luc Lemoine
     Bránické divadlo, Prague En savoir plus | Sophia Art Agency

     La Pantoufle | Claude Ponti | Kiepenheuer Verlag
     Les Grandes Personnes | Marie Ndiaye | Merlin Verlag
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous | Pegler Verlag
     Opens March 14th, 2011, Hambourg

     Pinocchio | Joël Pommerat
     March 12th-13th, 2011, Teatro San Ferdinando, Naples,
     March 14th, Teatro Libero, Palermo | FACE A FACE 2011 En savoir plus
     Richard III n'aura pas lieu | Matei Visniec
     March 31th, Teatro Libero, Palermo | FACE A FACE 2011 En savoir plus
     Paola d'Arborio Agency

     Variations énigmatiques | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
     Opens March 17th, 2011, Theater Kikker, Utrecht En savoir plus


     Le Gai Mariage | Michel Munz and Gérard Bitton
     Juan Jose de Arteche Agency

     Louise/les ours | Karin Serres En savoir plus
     Opens March 8th, 2011, Riksteatern

     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte
     Opens March 25th, 2011, Okaytheater, Berne En savoir plus
     Felix Bloch Erben Verlag

     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte

  UNITED-STATES     Trailer  
     Moi aussi je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte
     April 22nd-23rd, 2011, Source Theater, Washington DC En savoir plus


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