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Et Dieu pour tous | Tilly

« The strength of Et Dieu pour tous is that these issues are dealt with in a preposterous and comic manner, like a twisted, trashy vaudeville, ... »
Michel Hermon

Gilles Granouillet

Combat | Gilles Granouillet

« My intention with Combat was to write a thriller, a contemporary drama in which social insularity plays an essential role. »
Gilles Granouillet

Jean Franco Jérôme Paza

Le Bocal | Jean Franco and Jérôme Paza

« ...In terms of the writing, suspense and pace you could call it a perfect round because you'll never guess who did it until the last scene. And despite the subject it's a true comedy... »
Entr'Actes Reading Committee

Jean-Luc Lemoine

Témoin de mariage | Jean-Luc Lemoine

« An excellent comedy. The situations follow one another at breakneck speed with few let-ups. The lines are sharp and the characters ring absolutely true. »
Entr'Actes Reading Committee


     Les acteurs sont fatigués | Eric Assous En savoir plus
     opened April 6th | Harlekyn Agency
     Mephisto | Ariane Mnouchkine
     Opened April 16th, Vychodoceske Divadlo Theater,
     Pardubice En savoir plus

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
     Opened May 11th, Theater an der Koe, Düsseldorf En savoir plus
     Pegler Verlag
     L'Illusion Conjugale | Eric Assous
     Opened June 9th, Torturmtheater, Sommerhausen En savoir plus
     Pegler Verlag
     Bal littéraire | Texte und Tänze with : N. Fillion, S. Gallet,
     J. Kandzora, F. Melquiot, D. Mezger, M. Onur, C. Pellet
     June 24th, Deutsches Theater, Berlin En savoir plus

     Musée haut, musée bas | Jean-Michel Ribes
     Opened June 15th, Fringe Theatre, Hong-Kong En savoir plus
     Consulat général de la France à H-K et Macao

     Louise, elle est folle | Leslie Kaplan | FACE A FACE 2011 En savoir plus
     Opened April 5th, Teatro San Ferdinando, Naples En savoir plus
     Oscar et la dame rose | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
     Opened May 3rd, Roma En savoir plus
     Les Serpents | Marie Ndiaye | FACE A FACE 2011 En savoir plus
     live radio broadcast on RAI 3, May 4th at 9pm En savoir plus
     Hilda | Marie Ndiaye | FACE A FACE 2011 En savoir plus
     Opened May 19th, Teatro i, Milan En savoir plus


     Fleur de cactus | Barillet and Gredy En savoir plus
     Opened June 16th, Teatro Politeama, Lisboa En savoir plus

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
     Opened June 21st, Tchekov Theatre, Moscou En savoir plus

     Petits crimes conjugaux | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt En savoir plus
     Opened April 16th, National Theatre of Belgrade En savoir plus

     L'Evangile selon Pilate | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
     Opened April 29th, Teatro Palacio Valdés, Avila En savoir plus
     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
     Opened June 3rd, Auditorium du centre Alhondigabilbao,
     Bilbao, then tour En savoir plus | Arteche Agency
     Jaz | Koffi Kwahule
     Opened June 29th, Sala Atrium, Festival Grec, En savoir plus
     Barcelone En savoir plus

     17th Assitej World Congress – laboo7 – ACI
     Rose Rose Rose | M. Axelsson, K. Serres, M. Segol
     May 21st – 22nd, Malmö En savoir plus
     Ank ! Ang ! | K. Serres, D. Laucke, E. Uddenberg, S. Levey,
     F. Iacobelli, J. Caldas, J. Retallack, B. Escudé i Gallès
     May 23rd - 24th, Malmö Stadsteater (Studion) En savoir plus

     Hilda | Marie Ndiaye
     reading on May 17th at the IVP festival, En savoir plus
     Alliance Française de Chicago - collaboration with
     Trap Door Theatre En savoir plus
     Moi aussi, je suis Catherine Deneuve | Pierre Notte
     on tour April 22nd-23rd, Source Theater, Washington DC En savoir plus

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