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Sarah Vermande

A Conversation with Sarah Vermande, interviewed by Sabine Bossan

Sabine Bossan Emmanuel Darley's Le Mardi à Monoprix was produced in English, which is rare. Can you tell us about that adventure?
Sarah Vermande It's even more of a pleasure telling you about it because it was so delightful that it worked out in the end. [...]

Tuesday's at Tesco's
Emmanuel Darley

Le Mardi à Monoprix | Emmanuel Darley

Before - but it was a while ago - Marie-Pierre's name was Jean-Pierre.


Clément Miche

Une semaine... pas plus! | Clément Michel

« From a dramaturgical standpoint one can safely say without shame that Clément Michel is a modern-day Feydeau. »

Pariscope, June 29, 2011 More

Nathalie Fillion

A l'Ouest | Nathalie Fillion

« Nathalie Fillion blends playfulness and drama, intimacy and politics as few have managed to do since Chekhov. »

In Dramaturgies en dialogue, Montréal,
September 2010.

David Lescot

Le Système de Ponzi | David Lescot

« PONZI Helpfulness runs in my blood. [...] What am I getting out of it, and what is it going to cost me?



     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
     Opened May 5th, "Salza i smiakh" stage at the "Ivan Vazov"
     National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Sofia

     Les Eléments déchaînés | David Lescot
     Radio broadcast Aug. 4th on SR En savoir plus
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous | Agence Pegler
     Opened Sept. 8th, Fritz Rémond Theater, Frankfurt
     Ernest ou comment l'oublier | Ahmed Madani
     Opened Sept. 23rd, Fundus Theater, Hambourg En savoir plus
     Cet enfant | Joël Pommerat
     Radio broadcast Sept. 29th on SR En savoir plus
     Ma chambre froide | Joël Pommerat
     Opened Oct. 14th, Bühnen Halle Theater, Saale

     Cet enfant | Joël Pommerat
     Opened June 10th, "Hellenic Cosmos" Cultural Centre,

     Deux petites dames vers le Nord | Pierre Notte | HoFra Agency
     Opened Oct. 14th, Örkény Theatre, Budapest

     Deux petites dames vers le Nord | Pierre Notte
     Opened July 1st, Asti Teatro Festival, Asti
     Potiche | Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy
     Opens Oct. 25th, Teatro Manzoni, Roma | D'Arborio Agency

     Un homme en faillite | David Lescot
     Opened Oct. 6th, Owlspot, Tokyo

     Jojo le récidiviste | Joseph Danan
     Opens Oct. 25th, Teatro Nacional de São João, Porto

     Laissez-moi sortir | Jean-Marie Chevret | Beldor Agency
     Opened Oct. 15th, Metropolis Theatre, Bucharest

     Deux petites dames vers le Nord | Pierre Notte
     entered repertory in 2011, Balakovo Theatre

     Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek |   Presse    En savoir plus
     Opened August 24th, Teatro Lara, Madrid
      JJ de Arteche Agency
     Ils s'aiment | Pierre Palmade and Muriel Robin
     Opened Sept. 14th, Pequeño Teatro Gran Vía, Madrid
      JJ de Arteche Agency
     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous |   Presse    En savoir plus
     On tour, opening Sept. 21st, Teatro Amaya, Madrid
      Agence JJ de Arteche

     La Tragédie comique | Eve Bonfanti and Yves Hunstad
     Opened August 3rd, Malmö City Theatre, Malmö

     La Nuit de Valognes | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
     Opened Sept. 29, Oyun Atölyesi Theatre, Istanbul

     Le Mardi à Monoprix | Emmanuel Darley
     Opened Augut 4th, Assembly Hall, Edinburgh Festival
     Tuesdays at Tesco's published by Nick Hern Books

Sala Beckett - Espagne International Artist-in-Residence Program for Young Playwrights in July 2011 | Spain
La Sala Beckett | Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia

A reference in new playwriting and an international centre for creative theater and experimental playwriting.

From July 11th-16th | Workshop led by Joseph Danan En savoir plus

Here’s a report from Joseph Danan

From July 9th-16th | Magali Mougel took part in the International Meeting of Emerging Playwrights seminar.

Les dramaturgies du monde - France/Finlande Les dramaturgies du monde - France/Finland | Finland

A cultural exchange project, "Writing and directing today. Global Playwriting – France/Finland," was initiated by the Panta-théâtre in Caen, the Finnish National Theatre and the KOM Theatre in Helsinki.
A ten-day laboratory followed by two events:

Readings of excerpts from French plays translated into Finnish by Timo Torikka (Frédéric Sonntag, Philippe Malone, Emmanuel Darley, Marion Aubert...) and a discussion about French playwriting. August 19th, KOM Theatre, Helsinki.

A public presentation of the work on Sous contrôle by Frédéric Sonntag and Juste la fin du monde by Jean-Luc Lagarce followed by a discussion. August 20th, National Theatre, Willensauna Stage, Helsinki.

Here's a report from Frédéric Sonntag

Festival d'Avignon 2011 Festival d'Avignon - Les Rendez-vous du Conservatoire du Grand Avignon | France

July 11th, Franco-British Day organized by the SACD - British Council in partnership with the Institut Français de Londres : Dramaturgies croisées.

A workshop led by David Lescot and Linda McLean, with students from the Conservatoire.

Public discussion hosted by Cyrille Planson: From Writing to Stage, sharing experiences in France and the United Kingdom, with David Lescot, Linda McLean, Jean-Yves Picq, Micheline Attoun and Katherine Mendelsohn.

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