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Eric Assous

Les Conjoints | Eric Assous

« I felt like writing a story with four characters, a light comedy focusing mainly on couples. »


Laurent Baffie

Les Bonobos | Laurent Baffie

It's the story of three buddies who have known each other since childhood.
Alex is blind, Dany is deaf and Benjamin is mute.

Rémi De Vos

Cassé | Rémi De Vos

A couple who are victimized workers organize a fake suicide for the husband in the hopes of striking it rich. But the caustic humor turns into laughter.

Jean-Claude Islert

Le Coup de la cigogne | Jean-Claude Islert

JACQUES What did the doctor say?
MAUD I'm pregnant.
JACQUES There's no point in panicking. They always exaggerate. You know doctors.


     Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade and Christophe Duthuron
     New run, starting Nov. 8th, Die Neue Tribüne Theater, Vienna
     Pegler Agency

  COLOMBIA |     Presse    En savoir plus
     La Controverse de Valladolid | Jean-Claude Carrière
     Opened Oct. 19th, Teatro Delia Zapata Olivella, Bogotá

     Entretien de Monsieur Descartes avec Monsieur Pascal Le
     Jeune | Jean-Claude Brisville
     Oct. 23rd on the Czech Radio web site

     Dans le square | Cécile Wajsbrot
     Rebroadcast on Oct. 20th on SR En savoir plus
     Le Soleil | Olivier Py | Merlin Agency
     Staged by Olivier Py, Opens Nov. 2nd, Volksbühne Theater,
     Berlin En savoir plus
     Les Trublions | Marion Aubert
     Rebroadcast on Nov. 10th on RS En savoir plus
     La Chair de l'homme | Valère Novarina En savoir plus
     Broadcast on Bayerischer Rundfunk at 9pm on Dec. 16th En savoir plus

     Le Mardi à Monoprix | Emmanuel Darley
     Opened Nov. 12th, Apo Michanis Theatre, Athens

     Petits Crimes conjugaux | Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt
     Opened Nov. 25th, Teatro Dario Fo, Camponogara (Venice)
     Grammaire des mammifères | William Pellier En savoir plus
     Published in the Nadir-Teatro collection, by Angolo Manzoni
     Translation by Fabio Polizzy
     Le Faucon | Marie Laberge
     Opened on Jan. 5th, Teatro Libero, Palermo
     Ils se sont aimés | Pierre Palmade and Muriel Robin En savoir plus
     Opened on Jan. 10th, Teatro Golden, Roma
     D'Arborio Agency

     Les Belles-Sœurs | Eric Assous | Beldor Agency
     Opened on Jan. 15th, Teatrul de Comedie, Bucharest
     Pension complète | Pierre Chesnot | Teatrul Mic, Bucharest

     Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table ! | Guillaume Gallienne
     Published in issue n° 4 of the review Sovremennaya

     L'Illusion conjugale | Eric Assous
     Opened Jan. 12th, Teatre Condal, Barcelona
      JJ de Arteche Agency
     Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table ! | Guillaume Gallienne
     Opened Jan. 18th, Teatro Lara, Madrid
      JJ de Arteche Agency

Scène 14 - Publication à l'automne de Scène 14 - Allemagne Launch party for issue 14 of the review
| Germany
Nov. 14th, Deutsches Theater, Berlin

Five actor from the Deutsches Theater Berlin read excerpts from the five plays published in the review, with the French playwrights and their translators in attendance:
À l'Ouest by Nathalie Fillion, Communiqué n°10 by Samuel Gallet, Faire des enfants by Eric Noël, La Vie de marchandise by William Pellier En savoir plus and Tout doit disparaître by Eric Pessan.

Festival Primeurs Festival Primeurs - Contemporary Playwriting Festival | Germany
Nov. 17th and 19th, Sarrebrück

Staged Readings:
Le Voyage égaré by Aurélie Namur, Broadcast live on Nov. 17th on SR, Les ours dorment enfin byyGeneviève Billette, Tom à la ferme by Michel Marc Bouchard En savoir plus and Bab et Sane by René Zahnd En savoir plus.

Two plays tied for the audience prize: 2h14 by David Paquet En savoir plus and A petites pierres by Gustave Akakpo En savoir plus.

Ateliers de Traduction & Cycle de lectures TranslationWorkshop & Readings Series | Hungary | Nov. 26th and 27th, Budapest

he Institut français in Budapest and the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute, in collaboration with the National Theatre of Budapest, held two staged readings in Budapest on Nov. 26th and 27th: Le Sous-locataire by Marie Dilasser and Liquidation totale by Jean-Marie Piemme.

Fonds SACD de Traduction SACD Translation Fund | Nov. 21th

The SACD has created a new fund with the aim of furthering the promotion of its playwrights internationally. The jury, composed of foreign and French theater professionals, met on November 21. The following four plays were chosen from the ten texts selected from past issues of Actes du Théâtre: Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table ! by Guillaume Gallienne, L'Une by Denis Lachaud, Burn Baby Burn by Carine Lacroix and Ma Chambre froide by Joël Pommerat.

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