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11 septembre 2011 - Michel Vinaver
11 septembre 2001 - Michel Vinaver

The Alchemy of a Hit
Michel Vinaver and Jean-Charles Morisseau tell us about it here | An interview by Sabine Bossan

Michel Vinaver's play, 11 septembre 2001, was performed on the tenth anniversary of the event by fifty high school students from Seine-Saint-Denis at the Comédie de Saint-Etienne, the Théâtre de la Ville and the Forum du Blanc-Mesnil. The outcome of a remarkable experience, it won popular and critical acclaim.

D'un 11 septembre à l'autre, histoire d'une compagnie éphémère En savoir plus
A film by Guy Girard produced by Jean-Marc Giri, Le Veilleur de nuit, and Jean-Charles Morisseau, to be brooadcast soon on France 2.


11 septembre 2011 - Michel Vinaver
Marie-Pierre Cattino

Elle | Marie-Pierre Cattino

ELLE has been gone for ten years without a trace. One day she rings the doorbell at her parents' house.

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Jean-Claude Grumberg

Moi je crois pas ! | Jean-Claude Grumberg

Monsieur doesn't believe in anything, Madame wants to believe in everything… And so time passes, and Monsieur doesn't remember what he didn't believe in anymore and Madame has forgotten what she did believe in.

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Simon Grangeat

TINA | Simon Grangeat

Given History's seeming complexity, they are here to tell the story of the crisis, which seemed unclear to them before, playing the parts of the bankers, citizens, stockbrokers...

Joël Pommerat

La Grande et Fabuleuse Histoire du
| Joël Pommerat

To sell at any cost. No matter what, no matter how. That's the credo of five sales representatives who get together after a day's work.

Clément Koch

Sunderland | Clément Koch

Sunderland is a social comedy. Without ever dwelling on the sordid side or despair, it is on the contrary a hymn to joy and freedom.

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Xavier Durringer

Acting | Xavier Durringer

In a prison cell, an actor and director convicted of murder, joins a small-time crook, and his mysterious cellmate who is a mute insomniac.

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