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Fonds SACD de Traduction 2nd SACD Translation Fund | April 20th

The SACD has created a new fund with the aim of furthering the promotion of its playwrights internationally. The jury, composed of foreign and French theater professionals, met on April 20 for the second time. The following four plays were chosen from the ten texts selected from past issues of Actes du Théâtre: Cassé by Rémi De Vos, Venise sous la neige by Gilles Dyrek, Erwin Motor/Devotion by Magali Mougel and Promenades by Noëlle Renaude.

Koffi Kwahulé

Nema | Koffi Kwahulé

« While speaking about violence against women is not easy to do onstage, Nema does it cleverly, like a sneaky serpent feeding on guilt. »

Carine Lacroix

A cran | Carine Lacroix

Somewhere, on the outskirts of a city where the days are rough, the nights are edgy and anger lies just beneath the surface.

Jean Franco Guillaume Mélanie

Plein la vue | Jean Franco and
Guillaume Mélanie

Véra, visually handicapped, is a successful perfume creator who lives with her husband and her father. One day she has an operation and regains her sight...

Jean Dell

Un stylo dans la tête | Jean Dell

Enjoying a comedy on stage is one thing, being a hero in one is quite another.


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