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Jacques Albert

Día de mucho, víspera de nada | Jacques Albert

A Nordic trek in Swedish Lapland. A trek to death on the fringes of the icy wasteland in the far north of Europe.

Mariannick Bellot

Daydreams | Mariannick Bellot

« A melancholy daydream, but also a narrative about frustrated lives that are at times adrift and at other times thrilling. »

France Jolly

Ecoutes publiques | France Jolly

« The act of writing becomes intoxicating for her. And I think that's what this amazing, habit-breaking writer is looking for. »

Corinne Klomp

Kalachnikol | Corinne Klomp

« I know the ruthless corporate world well. I witnessed a number of abuses that led me to search for new meaning in my life. »

Nathalie Kuperman

Grande Entreprise | Nathalie Kuperman

This "major firm" - where adapting is the only way out - is the scene of the action.

Bertrand Leclair

La Main de papier | Bertrand Leclair

« Precisely because that war is without end, it must be talked about, written about again and again. Endlessly. It's never been over. »

Claude Lucas

Exécution | Claude Lucas

What does it matter? Men or gods, the methods are the same. They contrive, decide and delegate.

Tarik Noui

A nos pères | Tarik Noui

The truth is you're old, alone and ill. So you've got to go out and fight all over again...


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