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NEW The Translation Database is now available online!

The Translation Database - bilingual (French/English) - is an extensive list of translations of contemporary French-language plays in all languages. Created by Entr'Actes and hosted on its web site, it was designed to help promote plays and support events abroad.

The Translation Database had inventoried more than 6,000 translations of plays by over 1,100 playwrights in 46 different languages in 2012. Searches can be done on the database by playwright, translator, language or country. Links for playwrights listed in the Playwright Database take you to their bios and plays listed (with a short summary, the number of characters, an excerpt of the play and information about its first production).

The Translation Database is an invaluable tool for professionals from around the world, developed through a process of identifying and cataloguing existing translations. It is updated on a regular basis with new information about current productions, contracts and performances abroad.

Translation Database Launch: 1pm, July 13, 2012 at the Conservatoire du Grand Avignon entractes.sacd.fr More

The SACD explores a variety of innovative forms of playwriting through amazing creative encounters between different worlds and disciplines. This summer the SACD will present:

   SujetS à Vif

   Voix d'auteurs

   Les Rendez-vous du Conservatoire du Grand Avignon, Events with an International Scope:

     2pm, July 10, 2012 | a Discussion on the Issue of Gender in
    Writing for Young Audiences
    Reflections on theater, gender and building sexualized
    models, with
Suzanne Osten (Swedish playwright and director),
    Luc Tartar (playwright), Claudine Galea (playwright),
    Sylvie Cromer (sociologist) and Maïa Bouteillet.


1pm, July 13, 2012 | French Theater at the 2012 Edinburgh

Presentations, narratives and informal meetings around French theater abroad.
Launch for the Moisson des Traductions (Translation Database).
With the Edinburgh Festival's directors.

   As well as plays produced in the IN and OFF Festival with support from the Fonds SACD Théâtre, the Fonds SACD Humour /
      One Man Show and the Association Beaumarchais-SACD.

    Fille/mère En savoir plus
    Written and staged by Diastème | Théâtre du Chêne Noir

    La nuit tombe En savoir plus
    Written and staged by Guillaume Vincent
    Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs

    Plage ultime En savoir plus
    Written and staged by Séverine Chavrier
    Gymnase du Lycée Mistral

    Mon violon s'appelle Raymond | Kordian Heretynski En savoir plus
    Staged by Bernard Debreyne | Le Palace

    Benjamin Leblanc s'expose sur scène | Benjamin Leblanc En savoir plus
    Written and performed by B. Leblanc, staged by Guillaume
    Meurice | Théâtre de l'Art en Scène


Les Culs de Plomb | Hugo Paviot En savoir plus
Staged by Hugo Paviot | Présence Pasteur

Club 27 d'après le mythe rock du club 27 | Guillaume Barbot En savoir plus
Written and staged by Guillaume Barbot
Théâtre de la Manufacture

L'Unique et le voyou | Claudine et Séverine Vincent En savoir plus
Staged by Séverine Vincent | Théâtre Le petit chien

La Dernière Scène | Alain Foix
Staged by Alain Foix | Théâtre de l'Albatros

Paris 7ème, mes plus belles vacances | Denise Chalem En savoir plus
Staged by Denise Chalem | Théâtre du Chêne Noir

Mutation - Funambulation poétique dans les pas de Nougaro En savoir plus
Written/staged by Jonathan Kerr | Théâtre Le Petit Louvre

Invisibles, la tragédie des Chibanis En savoir plus
Written/staged by Nasser Djemaï | Théâtre du Chêne Noir


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