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Carole Thibaut

A conversation with Carole Thibaut, by Sabine Bossan

Yes, theater is a form of commitment but one that is part of me. I don't write activist plays. For me art has no instructive function, in theater or literature. There are questions to be asked, which become obsessions, and writing is the only way to try not to resolve them but to elucidate them. [...]

Claire Béchet

Le Bruit des autres | Claire Béchet

This play is one of those rare gems that deals with a relevant social topic without indulging in dualistic oversimplification.

Bruno Druart

Parfum & suspicions | Bruno Druart

Irma Santos is assassinated. A scrap of paper is found in her hand with the word ''Martin'' scribbled on it.

Christophe Honoré

Un jeune se tue | Christophe Honoré

Un jeune se tue is a troubling story about love, death and ghosts. A play about phantoms.

Corinne Klomp

Une saine inquiétude | Corinne Klomp

In Une saine inquiétude I condemn the scourges of dehumanization and the race for profits.


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