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Eric Assous

La Femme du Michel Ange | Eric Assous

I was alone at a hotel bar waiting for my best friend. A very respectable man came on to me, thinking I was in the business of selling my body.

Antoine Rault

Un nouveau départ | Antoine Rault

Sarah blames her mother for being hard-hearted and points to the homeless man that she kicked off their apartment landing as proof. Cut to the quick, Catherine rushes out to find the man and invites him for Christmas dinner.

Philippe Minyana

Inventaires | Philippe Minyana

A dress, a washbasin, and a lamp – three familiar everyday objects chosen among a host of others by Angèle, Jacqueline and Barbara. These women give us a catalogue of their memories.

Clément Koch

Urgences | Clément Koch

So here then is the legend of Chris Clooney and Chanel Margulies, who decided one day to become famous, in their own way.

Gilles Granouillet

Ma mère qui chantait sur un phare |
Gilles Granouillet

Imbued with a powerful relationship to nature, animals and objects, Ma mère qui chantait sur un phare takes you into a world seen from a child's viewpoint, with its strange and comical perspective.

Didier Caron

Un pavé dans la cour | Didier Caron

Six co-tenants in a small building decide to have a party in their courtyard to get to know each other better. They end up getting quite a shock! The friendly drink starts off with champagne, quickly goes sour and ends with vitriol!

Jean Franco

Jamais 2 sans 3 | Jean Franco

When the President of the Committee for the Miss Beauté contest, the very bourgeois Fleur de Senlis, discovers photographs of last year's winner posing nude in a magazine, she is rendered speechless.

Carole Greep Guillaume Labbé

Du piment dans le caviar |
Carole Greep & Guillaume Labbé

He is a psychoanalyst, his wife a writer. In short they're a couple with no issues. Until the day that a jailbird recently released from prison shows up.


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