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Carole Thibaut

LABOO7 is a professional network devoted to multilingual theater productions for young audiences. It is built on extensive knowledge of the international contemporary youth repertoire in all its diversity, and on the vast creativity in the various forms of writing, their scope and musicality on stage.

It was created in 2007 in Europe, with support from the SACD, and is now reaching out to the rest of the world as a popular and exacting ambassador of the theater, a source for all types of current playwriting for children and teens.

Claudine Galea

Petite Poucet | Claudine Galea

It's a fun approach to a serious topic – the problems faced by a child that has been too cocooned and must find its way in the world.

Joseph Danan

Jojo le récidiviste | Joseph Danan

This is a fun, burlesque text made up entirely of stage directions. The language is expressive and full of rhythm and humour - a real comedy!

Marion Aubert

Les Orphelines | Marion Aubert

It is an intense, disturbing play that gives as much of a scare as it does pleasure.

Suzanne Lebeau

L'Ogrelet | Suzanne Lebeau

The play's central question is how one escapes from one's destiny.

Pascal Rambert

Mon fantôme | Pascal Rambert

A child invents an imaginary character to talk to him so he can fall asleep.

David Lescot

Les Jeunes | David Lescot

« Now that I have emerged from it (officially at least), I see adolescence as a world apart. »

Karin Serres

I Sable | Karin Serres

I Sable
is a play sequence that runs for three seasons and revolves around three main characters, who tell the stories of at least 20 others.

Christophe Pellet

Qui a peur du loup ? | Christophe Pellet

The text was inspired by a sadly trivial news item or 'social phenomenon' of our times.

David Paquet

2h14 | David Paquet

They were all there when it happened. And then they weren't. So what happened at 2.14 that day?

Gilles Granouillet

Poucet / pour les grands |
Gilles Granouillet

The fable follows the episodes of the fairytale but is always one step ahead, which builds suspense thrillingly. Can we cheat our fate?

Pascal Brullemans

Isberg | Pascal Brullemans

When they are confronted with the death of their parents, three children refuse to mourn and withdraw into themselves. This disaster will change their lives.

Sabine Revillet

Fissure de sœur | Sabine Revillet

This is the story of a little girl called Delphine. She splits herself in half to survive and to escape her mother's beatings.

Geneviève Billette

Les ours dorment enfin | Geneviève Billette

An intense love story between a depressive father and his son. It's a powerful play full of poetry, humour and imagination!

Lolita Monga

Paradise | Lolita Monga

The story doesn't develop along the expected lines and that is what makes it so powerful, so strange and so original. This play is a landscape, a climate and sensations.


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