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Catherine Verlaguet

Braises | Catherine Verlaguet

« Braises deals with a hot subject that is very relevant. The cultural isolation that can be seen in some neighborhoods has raised a heated debate about the nature of a national identity.I believe that as artists we must also speak out so that others can do the same... »

Laurent Mauvignier

Tout mon amour | Laurent Mauvignier

When his father dies, a man returns to his childhood home near the woods where his daughter disappeared ten years earlier. He and his wife want to get the funeral and family business over as quickly as possible and not linger. But...

Vincent Farasse

Mon oncle est reporter | Vincent Farasse

Camille lives in Lille and works in Brussels. On one side there's his wife and on the other his work. [...] Two airtight worlds, separated by a daily commute on a high-speed train. Can he change his life in this world in perpetual motion?

Stéphane Jaubertie

Everest | Stéphane Jaubertie

« Under the guise of a fairy tale, Jaubertie has written a dreamlike story that takes you on a journey between what is real and imaginary, and between touching naïveté and true emotions. A dizzying play that projects from the inside out. »
P. Banos, Editions Théâtrales


     Inventaires | Philippe Minyana
    Opened 3.05.2013, Teatro do CCBB, Brasilia

     Théâtre sans animaux | Jean-Michel Ribes
    Opened 18.04.2013, Children's Art Theatre of China
    Welfare Institute, Shanghai

     Le Repas des fauves | Julien Sibre adapted from Vahé Katcha
    Opened 2.11.2013, Jihočeské divadlo, České Budějovice
     C'est jamais facile | Jean-Claude Islert
    Opened 12.01.2013, Théâtre Palace, Prague

     Au bord | Claudine Galéa
    Opened 22.05.2013, Café Teatret, Copenhagen

     Les Bonobos | Laurent Baffie | Nordic Drama Corner
    Opened 13.02.2013, Helsinki city theater, Helsinki
     Des papillons sous les pas | Jean Cagnard
    Opened 1.03.2013, National Theater, Helsinki
    Nordic Drama Corner

     Le Technicien | Eric Assous | Pegler Agency
    Opened 12.01.2013, Shlossparktheater, Berlin
     Burn baby burn | Carine Lacroix | Rowohlt Agency
    Opened 10.02.2013, Deutsches Theater, Berlin
     Les Conjoints | Eric Assous | Pegler Agency
    Opened 14.04.2013, Theater und Komödie am
    Kufürstendamm, Berlin
     Le Gai Mariage | Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz
    Opened 20.04.2013, Comödie Dresden, Dresden

     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte | Hofra Agency
    Opened 22.02.2013, Kecskeméti Katona, Kecskemét

     Les Fugueuses | Pierre Palmade and Christophe Duthuron
    Opened 4.12.2012, Théâtre Dell'angelo, Rome
    D'Arborio Agency
     Parle-moi d'amour | Philippe Claudel | D'Arborio Agency
    Opened 14.12.2012, Théâtre Skené, Milan
     Monsieur Amédée | Alain Reynaud-Fourton | D'Arborio Agency
    Opened 19.03.2013, Teatro Manzoni, Rome
     Le Technicien | Eric Assous | D'Arborio Agency
    Opened 28.06.2013, Théâtre Comunale, Creazzo

     Au bord | Claudine Galéa
    Opened 09.01.2013, Japanese Center of International
    Theater Institute, Tokyo

     Deux petites dames vers le nord | Pierre Notte
    Opened 23.05.2013, Auditorio Municipal de Gaia, Vila de
    Nova Gaia

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
    Opened 14.05.2013, théâtre Tineretului, Bucarest

     Une semaine pas plus | Clément Michel
    Opened 14.05.2013, Théâtre du Cercle d'amis des
    acteurs de Tagenka, Moscow
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
    Opened 18.05.2013, La Maison des Comédiennes,

     Le Carton | Clément Michel
    Opened 16.04.2013, Théâtre Lara, Madrid
     Le Gai Mariage | Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz
    Opened 19.04.2013, Théâtre Alameda, Málaga
     Agence JJ de Arteche
     Une semaine pas plus | Clément Michel
    Opened 14.06.2013, Théâtre Maravillas, Madrid
     George Kaplan | Frédéric Sonntag
    Opened 4.07.2013, La Sala Beckett, Barcelone

     Les Conjoints | Eric Assous
    Opened 25.01.2013, Teatro Trasnocho de Caracas, Caracas

International Youth Residencies playwrights International Youth Residencies playwrights | Spain | July 6-13, 2013
La Sala Beckett | Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia - VII Obrador d'Estiu

A leading space for new playwriting and an international center for theater productions and experimental playwriting.

This year the playwrights will be working on the theme of rage, a creative state of mind in the current socio-economic and cultural context.

La Sala Beckett is hosting French-language playwrights Julien Mabiala Bissila and Simon Grangeat.

La Sala Beckett
2nd edition of the ''Contemporary Theater Focus'' cycle 2nd edition of the ''Contemporary Theater Focus'' cycle | Greece | March 14-April 30, 2013

The Focus has opened new doors in Franco-Greek collaboration. Works were presented by French playwrights : Joël Pommerat, Olivier Py, Enzo Cormann, Laurent Gaudé, Guillaume Gallienne, Pierre Notte, Philippe Minyana, David Lescot, Marion Aubert, Rémi de Vos, Fabrice Melquiot and Jean-Luc Lagarce.

Plays by Enzo Cormann, Laurent Gaudé and Guillaume Gallienne have been published by Editions Agra.

Institut français
Edinburgh Fringe Festival Edinburgh Fringe Festival | United Kingdom
August 2-26, 2013 | Crying Out Loud au Summerhall

As part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in collaboration with the Summerhall, Crying Out Loud will present two French circus companies that will offer hybrid pieces reflecting contemporary productions from France:

 L'Après-midi d'un Foehn | Compagnie Non Nova, Opening 02.08.2013 – 2 pm

 Le Poème | Compagnie Bal / Jeanne Mordoj, Opening 02.08.2013 – 7.45 pm


The French Institute in Edinburgh will also present:

 Adam Smith : Le grand tour | Compagnie Les Labyrinthes, Opening 02.08.2013 – 3 pm

 How to be a Modern Marvel® | Compagnie du Veilleur, Opening 02.08.2013 – 4.30 pm

 Cru | Fet a Mà, Opening 20.08.2013 – 2 pm

Institut français d'Edimbourg

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