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Luc Tartar

"Theater Nation" - Theater Book Fair - Mexico City | Luc Tartar

The FELIT is one of three theatrical book fairs in the Hispanic world, along with the ones in Madrid and Buenos Aires. This international event has existed for several years and attracts theater and theatrical publishing professionals and aficionados. This year publishers and playwrights have been invited from Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Spain… and France.

Carine Lacroix

Une fille sans personne | Carine Lacroix

Iris dreams of escaping, like all the other detainees around her. She succeeds, thanks to words and to Camille who leads a writing workshop in the prison. But how far can words go in making up for solitude and pain?

Philippe Malone

Bien lotis | Philippe Malone

Forty sweet and goofy little scenes attempt to highlight the great peri-urban epic through a blend of quizzes, commentaries and flashbacks briskly conducted by a journalist.

Magali Mougel

Suzy Storck | Magali Mougel

In a chronology of events turned upside-down, Suzy Storck reconstructs the tragedy of a woman who is negated as a person and whose only way out is tragically inhuman.

Karin Serres

Tag | Karin Serres

"We invented Tag, an original theatrical rock series for ages 11 and up, because adolescent culture today is fed on references from television and music and lives at a fast pace, because..."


     Mafia et sentiments | Luc Chaumar
    Opened 29.11.2013, U hasicu, Prague

     Le Technicien | Eric Assous | Agence Pegler
    Opened 20.09.2013, Schauspielbühnen, Stuttgart
     Fleur de Cactus | Barillet and Grédy | Agence Pegler En savoir plus
    Opened 14.11.2013, Landesbühne, Bruchsal
     Le Gai Mariage | Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz
    Opened 21.12.2013, Stadttheater Cöpenick, Berlin
     Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek | Agence Desch
    Opened 05.10.2013, Teamtheater Tankstelle, Munich
     George Kaplan | Frédéric Sonntag
    Opened 29.09.2013, Startseite Theater Konstanz,

     Débrayage | Rémi de Vos
    Opened 04.09.2013, Théâtre d'Etat Grèce du Nord,

     Les Garçons et Guillaume à table ! | Guillaume Gallienne
    Revived 10.2013 at the Fondation Michael Cacoyannis,
    Published by éditions Agra


     Clôture de l'amour | Pascal Rambert En savoir plus
    Opened 28.09.2013, Shizuoka performing Arts Center,

     S'embrasent | Luc Tartar, Opens 25.11.2013
     Les yeux d'Anna | Luc Tartar, Opened 05.10.2013

     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
    Opened 18.10.2013, Théâtre Praga, Varsovie
     Le Technicien | Eric Assous
    Opens 31.12.2013, Théâtre Komédia, Varsovie

     Toujours l'orage | Enzo Cormann
    Opened 26.10.2013, Teatro de la Estación, Zaragoza
     Les Montagnes russes | Eric Assous
    Opened 20.10.2013, Teatro MIRA, Pozuelo de Alarcon
     Une semaine pas plus | Clément Michel |   Presse    En savoir plus
    Presented at the Teatro La Strada Gran Vía, Madrid
     Le Gai Mariage | Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz |   Presse    En savoir plus
    Presented at the Teatro Marquina, Madrid

Manifestation Trans Script - Institut Français Trans Script - Institut Français | Serbia | 11.2013

Developed jointly by the Institut français and the Yugoslav Drama Theatre (Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište / JDP), the Trans Script project was designed to promote contemporary French theater in Serbia.
The following events were held on November 1st and 2nd at the JDP theater in Belgrade for an audience of theater professionals from Belgrade, Sarajevo and Tirana:

- readings of the plays:
    Tout mon Amour | Laurent Mauvignier,
    Hymen | Lucie Depauw followed by a discussion
    with the playwright,
- a production in French with Serbian surtitles:
    Au Pays des... | Sylvain Levey (staged by
    Laurent Maindon).

The weekend will be followed by readings during the month of November, of:
    George Kaplan | Frédéric Sonntag,
    Identité | Gérard Watkins,
    Le Système de Ponzi | David Lescot.

The 5 plays that had staged readings will also be published by the JDP.

Festival « Mexico-France : théâtre pour adolescents » "Mexico City-France: Theater for Adolescents" - Compañía Los Endebles AC | Mexico | 1-7.10.2013

In 2013, the Los Endebles company hosted the ''Mexico City-France: Theater for Adolescents'' festival in Mexico City at the La Capilla Theater from October 1-7 for the 2013 theatrical book festival.

French playwrights Luc Tartar for Les yeux d'Anna and Xavier Carrar for La Bande went to Mexico City for the festival, which also featured Mexican playwrights.

More informations | www.teatrolacapilla.com
Festival « Primeurs » "Primeurs" Festival | Germany | 14-16.11.2013

SR 2 KulturRadio, Le Carreau, scène nationale de Forbach et de l'est mosellan, the Institut Français and Saarländisches Staatstheater Sarrbrücken, partners of the festival, will present French plays translated into German.

The program includes:
    En travaux | Pauline Sales | 14.11
    Oubliez-nous | François Bégaudeau | 15.11
    Nous voir nous | Guillaume Corbeil | 16.11
    Billy (Les Jours de hurlement) | Fabien
    Cloutier | 16.11
    Le Déluge après | Sarah Berthiaume | 16.11
    Crabe Rouge | Julien Mabiala Bissila | 16.11

Festival La Grande Récré – Institut Français de Moscou La Grande Récré Festival - Institut Français de Moscow | Russia | 5-7.11.2013

Several French plays for young audiences will have performances or staged readings at the La Grande Récré Festival to be held in Moscow from November 5th-7th. Contemporary playwrights will be featured.

Plays to be read at the Théâtre Snark, Moscow :
    Louise les ours | Karin Serres,
    Pling | Nathalie Fillion.

Plays to be read in the Meyerhold Center's Black Box Stage:
    L'hiver quatre chiens mordent mes pieds et mes
| Philippe Dorin ,
    Petite Poucet | Claudine Galea,
    Qui a peur du loup | Christophe Pellet,
    Petites pierres
| Gustave Akakpo.


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