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Une faille

Conversations with Mathieu Bauer and Sophie Maurer, by Sabine Bossan | A face to face

Mathieu Bauer, artistic director of the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil, also a theater director and musician, designed Une Faille, a long-term serialized theater project centered around the city of Montreuil. The first pieces premiered in 2012, continuing into 2013. Season 2 will start in early 2014, staged by Bruno Geslin and Pauline Bureau. To find out more about this groundbreaking adventure, here are two interviews, with Mathieu Bauer and author Sophie Maurer.

Fabrice Roger-Lacan

La Porte à côté | Fabrice Roger-Lacan

She's a shrink. He sells yoghurt. They're neighbors on the same floor, the best of enemies and, like millions of singles lost in the city, they're secretly exploring internet dating sites in search of love…

Brigitte Buc

Un temps de chien | Brigitte Buc

Three women end up lending each other a huge hand in order to get through a tough time in their lives, all under the mocking gaze of the café waiter in the grips of a full-scale attack of misogyny.

Pierre Palmade

Le Fils du comique | Pierre Palmade

As self-centered and witty as ever, Pierre Mazar is comfortable being out of the closet, and now he wants to have a son. The problem is he's asked two women to have it with him!

Renaud Meyer

Zelda et Scott | Renaud Meyer

Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, symbols of America during the Roaring Twenties, burn the candle at both ends, partying into the night and living a life of wealth and fame. Zelda et Scott is a jazzy comedy that tells the story of a tragic couple and the splendor of an ephemeral world.

Nicolas Billon

La Chanson de l'éléphant | Nicolas Billon

Dr Lawrence, a renowned psychiatrist, has disappeared from his office. The last person to have seen him is Michael, a patient troubled by a strange obsession with elephants. The director of the hospital decides to question him…


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