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Frédéric Sonntag

The George Kaplan International | Frédéric Sonntag

… while I hadn't even finished writing George Kaplan, a kind of George Kaplan International began to emerge, to my great surprise and delight. Through this interest in the play and the ensuing translations, publications and productions, the project itself came into fruition, and thus the myth of George Kaplan was spread, participating in its future development.

Valérie Charlet

Theatre on TV | Valérie Charlet, conversation with Sabine Bossan

Au Théâtre Ce Soir was a famous TV program that rebroadcast theater performances from 1966 to 1984, a hit show that left its mark on the history of television. What kind of coverage does theater have on television today? The SACD's Audiovisual Department gives us an overview of the very different current context, with an abundance of channels and a diversity of media to chose from.

Lucie Depauw

HymeN | Lucie Depauw

It's the story of a veil of fibrous web tissue, the remains of fœtal development.
It's the story of girls who get undressed to get sewn up.
It's the story of Louisa, the wife and assistant of Dr Richard who wants a baby before it's too late.

Frédéric Sonntag

George Kaplan | Frédéric Sonntag

« Frédéric Sonntag plays with conspiracy theories throughout his clever and captivating play. Sonntag is clearly enjoying himself, but in a brilliant way. And all to ask one crucial question: what is true? Who is manipulating us and to what end? What is George Kaplan the name of? »

Pauline Peyrade

0615366417 | Pauline Peyrade

After denying her pregnancy, Alicia, 17, gives birth alone to a baby girl and is plunged into a police investigation. Indicted for attempted infanticide, she lives isolated from her family in a shelter for teenagers where she has recreated a life for herself among psychologists, experts and foster families.

Emmanuel Darley

Rouge | Emmanuel Darley

A whole gang of guys and girls united by the same hatred of money, its all-pervasiveness, and today's capitalism without limits. Decide to take action. To become Red. To take on the banks and money. To try to gradually cripple the system.


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