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Sébastien betbeder

Les Monologues automne hiver | Sébastien Betbeder

(HE): The ''young man'' is thirty years old. He lives in Paris. He's a bachelor. What he does for a living is of no importance. Too much importance is placed on people's professional activities.

Nicole Caligaris

Le Daguet | Nicole Caligaris

The four of them are in a remote snow-bound chalet out in the woods. The older couple and the young couple. They aren't hungry or cold after their trip, and they don't really know what happened on the road and even less…

Solenn Denis

Gender Dysphoria | Solenn Denis

One is Sid, a little girl dreaming of being a boy, impatiently waiting for her penis to grow. The other is Arthur, a transsexual who tells the story of the laborious surgical and administrative path he has to endure to become the person he is inside.

Maryline Desbiolles

Les Corbeaux | Maryline Desbiolles

In answer to the admonishments of these "crows" - half-ghosts half-scarecrows, who keep asking him to explain himself - Amer tries to make his voice heard in order to reclaim his dignity.

Sylvie Dyclo-Pomos

Coma Bleu | Sylvie Dyclo-Pomos

Coma bleu is a monologue by a sixty-year-old woman voicing her distress following explosions of heavy weapons in a military camp located in a working-class neighborhood in her native town.

Camille Kohler

La Vie trépidante de Brigitte Tornade | Camille Kohler

It's full of agitation, a hodgepodge, a real mess: welcome to the exciting life of manic mother Brigitte Tornade, 35, with all its pettiness and good old-fashioned hassles!

Alexandre Koutchevsky

Les Morts qui touchent | Alexandre Koutchevsky

The daughter of a dead woman has had no time to be with her mother as she was dying. She could have collected objects but collects places instead.

Caroline Lamarche

La Mémoire de l'air | Caroline Lamarche

The air preserves the memory of all the stories that human beings have told each other since the dawn of time. Rape is one of the oldest. And one of the most current.

Jean-Charles Massera

Jte dérange Non non | Jean-Charles Massera

A series of ten phone calls from friends or family who are being a pain about something without letting you get a word in edgewise. Things that seem like nothing but are quite telling when you stop and think about it.

Julie Rossello-Rochet

Eleonora | Julie Rossello-Rochet

Eleonora, later nicknamed Léo, is the soloist in this rhapsodic composition; a Billie Holiday of various ages.

Violaine Schwartz  Quentin Schoëvaërt

Noire pointée | Violaine Schwartz & Quentin Schoëvaërt

Blind elderly woman seeks person with fine literary sensibility for reading sessions at home. Well paid.


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