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LABO/O7 is a professional network devoted to multilingual theater productions for young audiences. It is built on extensive knowledge of the international contemporary youth repertoire in all its diversity, and on the vast creativity in the various forms of writing, their scope and musicality on stage.

It was created in 2007 in Europe, with support from the SACD, and is now reaching out to the rest of the world as a popular and exacting ambassador of the theater, a source for all types of current playwriting for children and teens.

Jean Cagnard

A demain | Jean Cagnard

« The idea here is simple (but revolutionary): to see a day unfold from morning to evening, or more precisely from the darkness before awakening to the darkness before dreaming. (…) From dawn to dusk. … »

Martin Bellemare

Des pieds et des mains | Martin Bellemare

SHE has only one hand. HE has only one foot. Swiftly and magically they fix the situation. HE cobbles together a hand for her, and SHE cobbles together a foot for him.

Claudine Galea

Après grand c'est comment ? | Claudine Galea

Titus is a rather quiet little boy. He observes life and discovers a world of mysteries and contradictions, which the Grown-ups no longer pay any attention to. Titus wonders: if after being little you're a grown-up, what's it like after you're a grown-up?

Gérald Chevrolet

Miche et Drate, paroles blanches | Gérald Chevrolet

24 very short scenes. A duet: Miche the cautious, straightforward one, Drate the impulsive go-getter. They're serious about playing and have fun while thinking about things. For little ones who aren't so little, and grown-ups who remember what it's like to be small.

Catherine Zambon

Mon frère ma princesse | Catherine Zambon

« It was high time for me to start talking about the issue of 'gender' that is in the background in several of my plays. Here it seemed crucial to deal with it for and with the children. What does it mean to be a girl? Or a boy? »

Philippe Dorin

2084 | Philippe Dorin

« The play is composed of a series of scenes that we chose with our team of artists based on their effectiveness for puppetry and for the metaphor the puppets convey about manipulating individuals and the workings of power. »

Luc Tartar

En découdre | Luc Tartar

« Fighting it out against preconceived notions. Facing your own demons. Shaking up conventions, standing out from the crowd to capture the light, having the right to be happy. En découdre is an epic battle about being different and fighting with unflinching courage. »

Sabine Tamisier

Vache sans herbe | Sabine Tamisier

« Talking about grieving and illness in a way that the story can be heard by both adults and children from the age of 10-12. A desire to evoke the life-saving power of creating, a possible healing through the expression of an art form. »

Camille Rebetez

Little boy en trois temps | Camille Rebetez

Ptit Louis is a guy with rotten luck. He was left in a no-man's-land with people battered by life when barely out of the awkward stage. Ptit Louis's mother died; his father was somehow full of tubes. Enough to make him think he'd be better off putting an end to the whole business!


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