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Marc Fayet

Des gens intelligents | Marc Fayet

David, who is a sensible and thoughtful young man, has decided to get a separation from Chloé. Chloé, who is a clever and determined young woman, won't hear of it. Their friends, who are cautious and considerate people, are rather disconcerted.

Michèle Guigon

La vie va où ? | Michèle Guigon

Guigon captures lively snatches of life, drawing the extraordinary from the ordinary. Walking the tightrope of life with humor as her balancing pole, she takes us through laughter and tears.

Michèle Guigon passed away on September 4, 2014. More
Clément Michel

Début de fin de soirée | Clément Michel

2:37 a.m. Félix and Mathilde have just hosted a party for 37 people. Apparently the party's over. Well, that's what they think anyway. A wild night with 5 characters who've got some surprises in store for them.

Laura Tirandaz

ChocoBé | Laura Tirandaz

A contemporary tragedy in Guyana. Social tensions arise from the different origins of the characters. They all have gray areas with the suffocating forest as a backdrop and partying as an outlet for frustration. Guyana, the play's focus, is a land that evokes heat and violence.

Denis Lachaud

Hetero | Denis Lachaud

In the world of Hetero, women do not exist. They have never existed. There are only men in this dreamlike tale that is both dark and funny. But the patriarchal patterns are still there: the males who work, and the males who have children. A world of men where all the elements of a sexist society still predominate.


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