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Yasmina Reza

Comment vous racontez la partie | Yasmina Reza

''Nathalie Oppenheim, a writer and winner of the prestigious Germaine Beaumont Prize, winds up in a small town to talk about her work. Although she describes herself as 'reserved and little inclined to talk about herself,' she has accepted the invitation from a local event planner. Who knows why? It is a well-known fact that people don't always hold to the rules they have established.''
Yasmina Reza, September 2013

Côme de Bellescize

Amédée | Côme de Bellescize

Amédée is twenty years old, wild about video games, cars, races and his girlfriend. He has a good pal, a big heart and wants to volunteer as a fireman. But while driving down the road one day Amédée is hit by a truck he couldn't dodge and his life is turned upside down. He can no longer walk, move or talk. After a struggle to survive that lasts many months, Amédée has stayed the same, neither a hero nor a martyr, just a teenager imprisoned in his own body. How long will he and those around him be able to stand it?

Julien Mabiala Bissila

Au nom du père et du fils et de J.M. Weston | Julien Mabiala Bissila

Two brothers, dandies in tatters, go back to the city where their parents were massacred. After years of civil war they have only one concern: to dig until they find the pair of J.M. Weston shoes buried in their father's grave. While digging they remember the horrors they and their families have undergone: the painful story of a country that has withstood colonialism, a dictatorship and the violence of civil war. At the same time they recreate the story of the ''sapeurs,'' or clothes horses.

Pierre  Barillet Jean-Pierre Grédy

L'Or et la paille | Pierre Barillet & Jean-Pierre Grédy

''Why revive L'Or et la paille? I think what appealed to Jeanne Herry was the modernism of the comedy that she's staging. Over half-a-century old, it is a portrait of certain young people aspiring only to luxury and money and whose cynicism is echoed by that of the 'bling' times we live in.''
Pierre Barillet, October 13 2014


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