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Eric Assous

On ne se mentira jamais | Eric Assous

Suspicion is a violent and subtle poison with devastating effects. After thirty years, we think
we know the other person well … Sometimes we're wrong.

Marie Nimier

Noël revient tous les ans | Marie Nimier

Eight years and eight Christmas Eve suppers later, we're still wondering where the father is,
dead or alive. And where the long gone sister is.

Sandrine Roche

Neuf petites filles | Sandrine Roche

Nine little girls play at making up stories. Through this seemingly innocent game and the issues
raised, we see how cruel, perverse, ambivalent and frighteningly lucid these little girls can be toward
themselves and others.

Jean Franco Guillaume Mélanie

Pour combien tu m'aimes ? | Jean Franco & Guillaume Mélanie

When required to appear with a spouse at certain business dinners, Lisa Barland,
a 37-year-old executive and confirmed bachelorette, uses an escort service.


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