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     MOLIÈRES | 27.04.2015

All the 2015 Nominees : www.lesmolieres.com.

Best Living French-Language Playwright

Molière Eric Assous | On ne se mentira jamais ! En savoir plus
  Michel Houellebecq | Les Particules élémentaires En savoir plus
  Tristan Petitgirard | Rupture à domicile En savoir plus
  Pascal Rambert | Répétition En savoir plus
  Yasmina Reza | Comment vous racontez la partie En savoir plus
  Sébastien Thiéry | Deux Hommes tout nus En savoir plus

Best Comedy

  Cher Trésor | Francis Veber, dir. by Francis Veber | Théâtre des Nouveautés En savoir plus
Molière Des gens intelligents | Marc Fayet, dir. by José Paul | Théâtre de Paris, salle Réjane En savoir plus
  On ne se mentira jamais ! | Éric Assous, dir. by Jean-Luc Moreau | Théâtre La Bruyère En savoir plus
  Un Dîner d'Adieu | Alexandre de la Patellière & Matthieu Delaporte, dir. by Bernard Murat | Théâtre Edouard VII En savoir plus
David Léon

Sauver la peau | David Léon

« In its finely honed writing, Sauver la peau goes beyond revelations about the educational system, asking questions about writing as an act in itself and the function of literature with respect to our commitments. »

Pauline Peyrade

Ctrl-X | Pauline Peyrade

A window opens. On Ida's love. On memory. On urges. On obsessions. On the past locked in the present of a computer screen. During one night. During a crisis, or perhaps an escape.

Serge Da Silva

La Gueule de l'emploi | Serge Da Silva

Anything could happen when a careerist prepared to do anything, a person on long-term unemployment and a martial arts nut come to apply for the same job at the same time.

Lucie Depauw

Dancefloor Memories | Lucie Depauw

Two men and a woman in their twilight years talk of the beauty of love and desire, to defy old age and their failing memories. The past and present echo one another.

Philippe Elno

Sous les jupes | Philippe Elno

Christiane, 60, and Valérie, 40, share an office in a transport company where the truck drivers are all women. Everything's rolling along just fine – until the boss forces a 25-year-old trainee on them. Over three seasons, three generations of women show their true colors.

Hedi Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre

Les Deux Frères et les lions | Hedi Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre

Les Deux Frères et les lions was inspired by a true story, portraying twin brothers from a poor background who go on to amass one of the greatest fortunes in Great Britain in the late 20th century.


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