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The Translation Database is available online !

The bilingual (French/English) Translation Database was designed as an extensive list of plays by contemporary French-language playwrights.
At its release date it has inventoried 9,178 translations of plays, 1,680 playwrights in 57 different languages. An invaluable tool, the Database was created to help promote plays from the French-language repertoire more effectively among theater professionals around the world.

The Translation Database is updated daily with new information about promotion, contracts and performances abroad. We're counting on your feedback to refine, improve and enhance it.

If you are looking for a play Or If you are a playwright, translator, publisher or agent and would like to contribute information to the Translation Database : please send us an email to traduction@sacd.fr.


As part of its cultural action policy, the Board of Directors of the SACD created the SACD Translation Fund in 2011. It involves contemporary French-language plays, from both the private and subsidized theater, as well as youth theater, selected by the Entr'Actes reading committee, presented in Actes du Théâtre and chosen by a jury, composed of foreign and French theater professionals. Its purpose is to provide support for translations in order to promote them abroad.

The plays selected and translated into English by the SACD Translation Fund are:

Carine Lacroix

Burn Baby Burn | Carine Lacroix
Translation Hannah Eidinow : Burn Baby Burn

« It's about telling stories to question identity – your own and other people's – and maybe to gain a better understanding. But they are simple stories which are full of laughter and dreams. »

Clément Michel

Une semaine… pas plus ! | Clément Michel
Translation Felicity Davidson : One Week… No More

« From a dramaturgical standpoint one can safely say without shame that Clément Michel is a modern-day Feydeau. »

Magali Mougel

Erwin Motor/Devotion | Magali Mougel
Translation Christopher Campbell : Erwin Motors, Devotion

« My intent was to understand the outrageous system that keeps workers in a state of total devotion to their jobs at all costs, however alienating. »

Joël Pommerat

Ma chambre froide | Joël Pommerat
Translation Emma Laurent : My Cold Room

« A rich, dense, complex and indefinable play covering all genres – from thriller to TV series, hagiography, social drama, theatrical essay and economic chronicle. »

Rémi De Vos

Cassé | Rémi De Vos
Translation Christopher Campbell : Broken

A couple who are victimized workers organize a fake suicide for the husband in the hopes of striking it rich. But the caustic humor turns into laughter.

Gilles Dyrek

Venise sous la neige | Gilles Dyrek
Translation Michael Gieleta : From Venice with love

A fierce satire of the world of trendy charities, which is frantic, inane, undiscriminating and has an indecently good conscience.

Denis Lachaud

L'Une | Denis Lachaud
Translation William Snow : She

A woman informs her husband that she no longer loves him and wants to leave him. She invites her children over to inform them that she's leaving them too...

Christophe Honoré

Un jeune se tue | Christophe Honoré
Translation Alexander Zeldin : A youth dies

Un jeune se tue is a troubling story about love, death and ghosts. A play about phantoms.

Mariette Navarro

Alors Carcasse | Mariette Navarro
Translation Katherine Mendelsohn : This Carcass

« This is an era set in concrete, thinks Carcasse, a cement era made of sand and gravel; but out here on the edge of my times they're expecting me to be more flexible, am I right? »

Noëlle Renaude

Promenades | Noëlle Renaude
Translation Clare Finburgh : Wanderings

Bob met Pat. Then Jim betrayed Bob. Then Pat left Bob. Then Bob got Tom mad. Then Bob went out in search of happiness, since he knew what country he was in.

Philippe Elno

L'Enfant – Drame rural | Carole Thibaut
Translation Blandine Pélissier & Linda McLean : The Child (rural drama)

The fictional work L'Enfant scrutinizes the rituals and codes of an insular group at risk of slowly sinking from ordinary to inhuman behavior toward a stranger.

Guillaume Gallienne

Les Garçons et Guillaume à table ! | Guillaume Gallienne
Not yet translated

« Guillaume Gallienne has embarked on writing his first - intimate and very funny - show. Alone on stage, playing several characters, he strives with subtlety and humour to dispel some 'misunderstandings'. »


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