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News from Entr'Actes

At this early stage in the season the Entr'Actes-SACD reading committee has chosen 4 plays currently on the boards, by both world renowned and budding playwrights. Some plays already presented in Actes du Théâtre have been extended due to their success.

Actes du Théâtre also reports on the latest news from the summer and the beginning of the new season, featuring young playwrights on international residencies, Dramafest in Mexico and Cross Channel Theatre, which has made its debut at the Edinburgh Festival. New translations have become available through these projects, providing access to French playwrights in English and Spanish.

We hope to hear from you soon. Sabine Bossan and Sandrine Grataloup
Murielle Magellan

L'Eveil du chameau | Murielle Magellan

Two stubborn characters are forced to face their differences, as well as their attraction. A play about our intertwined lives, and our vain assumptions.

Eric Assous

L'Heureux Elu | Eric Assous

Charline is happy: she's about to marry the Man of her dreams! Before introducing him to her best friends she explains that he's a bit unusual.

Maylis De Kerangal Emmanuel Noblet

Réparer les vivants |
Maylis De Kerangal & Emmanuel Noblet

Réparer les vivants is a novel about a heart transplant after a riveting race against time.

Pascal Rocher

Oui ! | Pascal Rocher

Valérie and Stéphane have been together for eight years and have decided to get married. She decides to hire a wedding planner: Walter Craig, specializing in same-sex weddings. An unlikely and explosive encounter follows.


Ca ira.(1) Fin de Louis | Joël Pommerat En savoir plus
Revived at the théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers | 09-25.09

Addition | Michel Clément En savoir plus    Press   
Extended at the théâtre de la Gaîté, Paris | until the end of December 2016


Djihad | Ismaël Saïdi En savoir plus
Revived at the théâtre des Feux de la rampe, Paris | 06.09 - 31.12


Le Syndrôme de l'Ecossais | Isabelle Le Nouvel En savoir plus
Revived at the théâtre des Nouveautés, Paris | 06.10 - 31.12

Les Chatouilles ou la Danse de la colère | Andréa Bescond En savoir plus
Revived at the théâtre du Châtelet, Paris | 19.10

J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites | Carole Greep En savoir plus
For its 13th year, revived at the Café de la Gare, Paris | 14.10

International residencies for young playwrights

For years the SACD has been committed to promoting international exchanges with budding playwrights, enriching our French and Francophone playwrights' careers by opening a window onto the world, its languages, cultures and varied approaches to the theater.

Dramafest Festival

The Dramafest contemporary theater festival, held in Mexico in August and September, has devoted its 2016 program to France.
The festival promotes contemporary playwriting, creating ties between French and Mexican artists.

Cross Channel Theatre

This year, Cross Channel has stretched its wings all the way to the Edinburgh Festival. The Summerhall, a venue famous for showing new work, hosted the three staged readings on August 22nd.

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